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Who else is addicted

to T-mag? I find myself checking this website more often than I check my email. move over Gatorcountry (the center for UF sports universe), I have a new obsession.

Gotta say, I definitely am. This is my third or fourth time checking in and I’m hosting a Canada Day party!!

another addict right here.

Well considering ive been here since last century its really not addicting anymore. but i know what you mean.

Hand’s up here!-I find that this site is pretty much the only site I go to on the net nowdays. I sit around thinking of other sites to visit because I want to get my monthly internet fees’ worth, but I always come up with nothing.??

Yes, I check the forums constantly throughout the day. The only thing I hate (even though its probably a good thing) is I can’t post because of login issues and cookies (apparently) from work and have to wait until I get home.

Me too, me too.

Was telling someone at the gym tonight about the site and another guy asked me if I worked for T-mag…LMAO!! Yeah, right!, I wish!! He said he never heard someone so enthusiastic about a website before. Wrote down the addy for him too so he could see why I am so excited about this site and the forums. I think I might make up business type cards with the logo and web address on them, it will make life easier for me. Unless admin has some they want to send me…
I want everyone to be training smart and hard.

I check in several times a day to read and post. If I don’t I just might miss something important. I was SOOOOO hungry for information and am really greatful that my trainer sent me in this direction. I stay focused on my nutrition and my workouts this way.

i probably check the forums at least 25 times per day.

Loopfit, I totally agree. . . I find myself swirling the mouse looking for something more interesting to look at.
and Iron Maiden, Im also totally grateful to this forum for all the FREE advice everyone gives. I was working out for a couple years, under the guidance of M&F and my school trainers, and never really showed any gains. I have been on this site for a little over a year, and though I am not huge, I am seeing progress that I never thought my body would allow.


If you admit it its not an adiction.

Hold on, let me hit the refresh button … no, I’m not addicted!

Iron Maiden: maybe your nipples were hard.

“What a great website!!”

Gotta love it.

I wouldn’t be so addicted if I didn’t learn something new every time I logon. My wife has been making fun of me lately. Every time she comes in to see what I’m surfing I’m always on T-mag. The site rocks—what can I say…

d-dawg…that would be a perpetual state, but that has nothing to do with training or nutrition so I left that detail out…just trying to keep things on topic. ;o)

Yeah, I check the site every Friday for the update and the forum about six times before 2pm when I leave for work. This is the only site I read on a regualr basis, Biotest is the only supplement company I support, Testosterone magazine is the only one I read. I’m in the contest, taking the supps, reading like a bookworm. Am I addicted?

I can give it up anytime I want, honest. I am in complete control of it, really, I am :slight_smile:

I check this site all the damn time, and while I’m at work I just keep it up and refresh it now and again.

This “community” has been the best source of information, motivation, and shit talkin’ that I’ve ever come across.

I dig all you goofy motherfuckers, and I just can’t get enough of ya…

I am seriously addicted. My fiancee makes fun of me because I’m always on this site. I learn something every time I come on this site. It’s also pretty cool how we have all these famous people on the guest forums contributing their knowledge for free.