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Who Else Does Not Have a TV?


I got rid of it nearly a year ago.

People look at me in disbelief when they find out that I don't have one. I'm kinda shocked at how much time others spend watching TV, and how much money they spend on cable, satellite dish, pay per view etc. Not to mention listening to their boring conversations about what they watched last night.

People ask me what I do like life isn't worth living without a TV. Sitcoms make me want to slit my throat, I despise commercials, and movies put me to sleep. I don't know what I do, but I don't miss it that's for sure.

I catch news on yahoo and have no trouble finding better use for $60 a month. I'd rather have a kick ass wireless stereo system, and in a few months I will.

Is anyone else put off by TV? What are your reasons, and what other than surfing the web occupies your time?


You can practically watch tv on the net now. My fav 2 shows, south park and Colbert report are free to watch now at:


The cable tv got too expensive so I had to cancel the cable and this was like 3 months ago. Whats funny is the lazy bastard at the cable company havn't shut it off you mwahaha! My neighbor is a cable guy too so yay!


I wish I had the balls to get rid of my tv. I know it would be ultimately good for me, but I cant put myself to do it given all the times I depend on it to get me through the day.


I don't have one either. As someone else mentioned, most shows can be either streamed or downloaded for free, and if I want to catch a game I can visit a friend or head to a bar. When I'm at my parents' house or something and have access to a tv, there's usually nothing on. I like having shows online where I can watch them whenever I want.

I do spend too much time on the web, but I guess I learn more here than I do watching tv. Cable is way too expensive anyway, especially since I live alone.


Me. Haven't had one for years. I also don't watch TV online either. That's because I used to be pretty much addicted to TV, until recognising what a time waster it is.

My girlfriend has one and I now live next door to her, so I'm co-watching more again - but at home, no and never again will.

Obviously, I'm wasting my time now hanging out on the Internet... sigh... :wink:





Poverty leads me to check out more books from the library.

Well, that and the fact that I'm still in school. And that books are good.

And that I don't have a TV.


I don't have a TV, but I watch around 10 TV shows a week on my computer lol.


I got a TV but to be honest, they could remove the functionality to actually receive a signal because all I do is use it for games and movies - I despise the shit they show on tv other than a few good (1 or 2) good cartoons.


I have a TV, it just doesn't have anything. Not even basic cable. But it's nice for times when I have free time, because I can watch Dexter on a big screen.

Saved over a hundred bucks a month getting rid of satellite (all went into buying clean food), and I'm really glad I got rid of it. What a time-waster that thing was.


If it wasn't for NFL and MLB, my TV would be in the dumpster. I can't believe the overall amount of utter crap that is on these days. MTV has to be the worst offender. Like that song says, "Remember when MTV used to play videos?"


Excellent choice to dump tv!
I watch about 2 hours a week, if that.

My 16 year old son never watches tv. Amazing. He's always too busy with making music or doing homework. He doesn't even play video games, and never plays the X-Box we gave him for Christmas 2 years ago.


Bah, you have failed as a parent.



Not sure about in the states, but here in the UK you have to pay a TV Licence to watch TV, and I've heard applying not to have to pay is a pain in the arse.

From past experience, I know that when you move into a new property, the TV Licencing authority over here will send you a letter threatening legal action if you don't purchase a licence, regardless of if you own a TV or not.

I currently still live with my folks, so I have one in my room, but since they "upgraded" the digital signal in the UK a few months back, it doesn't work, so I just use it for the occasional DVD.


I sold mine about three years ago. People pretty much go slack-jawed when they find out that I do not have one. However, I find myself going to the local tavern to watch sports, which creates a whole different time-suck that I have to deal with. There are times where I find myself wishing I had one, as I really like watching movies.


Although I have a television, I haven't so much as plugged it in since I moved over a year ago. It's expensive, there's nothing decent on and anything I want to see, I can usually see on the internet at about 1/3 of the cost and I can watch it whenever I want to.

In general, life keeps me busy and I have more than enough to do (work, the gym, housework, my sons practices and games). I don't get bored. When I do have free time, I'd rather spend it online.

I know people that watch 6+ hours of tv a day and it blows me away. They schedule their whole life around what show is on that night.


We haven't had cable for the last three years. I watch Heroes online, but that's about it.

Thinking about picking up a plasma + ps3 for xmas though.


The only channels I really watch is the History and National Geographic. I work for a news gathering agency so I get all the news I need at work.


42" 1080p HDTV FTW! Xbox 360 and PS3. :smiley:

I don't use it to watch any shows though. The only one I watch is House. Anyone know of any good websites for that?

If I really want to watch an episode of SP or somethin, I'll just buy one on XBL.


I got rid of cable about a year ago. I thought I'd miss it, but I don't. And I very much like the extra $85 a month.

I still have the TV though, it's hooked up to my desktop now, I can surf the Internet in HD :wink: