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Who Eats SarDINes/HeRRinG???

I don’t hear to much talk about these fish. They are an excellent source of protein but I’m not too sure about the omega 3 count. Anyone have any information on that? I’ve recently found one (Bela) that comes in olive oil and is deboned/skinless. It tastes great! A couple of cans and you have your 35 grams worth of protein with a good 10 grams of fat from olive oil to boot. Eat them at home or on the road. What kind/brand do you like?

I eat them. One can a day. i can say that i love’em though.

They’re a very good source of Omega 3 and are one of the fishes that are not poisoned with mercury as they’re baby fish and are a lot lower in the food chain than tuna. I posted a thread a while ago about sardines, do a search if you want.

The fish oil I take is from herring.The epa / dha ratio is 900mg / 600mg per 5000mg, which I believe is fairly high.As for canned herring,I eat Brunswick,it shows 1.2 grams per serving

I eat King Oscar sardines.

These fish are great sources of EPA/DHA and protein. I don’t think you hear a lot of talk about them because most people don’t like the taste. I’m sick of taking so many pills, so may be making the switch over to a can of sardines a day (I’m not really sure if that will all that more enjoyable though).

i’m sorta on a sardine kick right now since i’ve been eating tuna staright for a couple years now. i see one more can and i’ma throw up all over the screen. anyway, sardines have about 21 grams of protein per can and about 14 grams of fat per can, about 6 from poly. 7 from mono and 1 from saturated fats. thats the breakdown in the can i eat which is the brunswick brand, but i guess it should be the same for all brands or at least in that ballpark.

I eat any anchovies or sardines, preferably Italian or Greek, because they’re from the MEditerranean Sea, which has the best fish in the world.

At least one can a day. I buy Brunswick with Jalapeno peppers. Tasty. Someone today told me you can even get Jerk sardines. Gotta try those.

Your going to hate me for this, but I can eat wild salmon almost every day, so the thought of eating canned anchovies, or sardines, well it does not enter my mind. One thing though, you guys might want to try eating mackerel. It is higer in omega 3, than sardines or anchovies, without any preservatives. Just brush it with some soy sauce(teriyaki if you want) and grill it.You can usually find it at Asian markets, either fresh or frozen.