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Who Doesn't Eyeball Anything with the Powerlifts?

I’m always looking over starting strength for technique tips and one thing that always pops up is focusing your eyes on one spot.

Personally i don’t “look” at anything with focus. I might be better off just closing my eyes because my eyes basically shutdown when i’m lifting. I focus mostly on staying tight - mid section - throughout the lift.


I focus my eyes when squatting if I’m in front of a wall. Deadlifting I don’t look at anything and on bench you have to watch the bar the whole way so you can place it and touch where you need to. You might be able to get away with eyes closed on squat and deads but bench. No way.

all depnds on how good your proprioception is. generally i focus on the bar when benching, nothing on deadlift, and a spot on the wall on squat.

I just benched and i don’t even look at the bar much then. I might try closing my eyes a few times this week just for an experiment.

I don’t focus on anything either. I might watch the bar on bench, but thats more instinctive than anything.

I usually focus on something when deadlifting, to keep my cue of “head up.” For some reason I don’t when squatting though. At a meet, I have to look “over” the crowd to keep from getting distracted, but I usually don’t focus on one spot.

I know it is a no no…but I still squat and DL in front of a mirror at my gym. I can’t help but look at my form. I havn’t gotten the whole feel for it yet.

Don’t focus on anything when benching…not sure why.

I tend to look about six feet on the floor in front of me when I set up for the deadlift, and end up looking straight ahead at the top of the movement, but not looking at anything in particular.

When squatting, I try not to look at anything in particular but if there happens to be a mirror in front of me I can’t help but look myself right in the eye.