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Who Do You Look Like?


I found this site with face-recognition software. You upload your picture, and it tells you who you resemble the most. It told me I look like Van Damne. Then, I figured that it was bullshit, but fun to try anyway.


So who do you resemble?


I got Nicholas Cage and Yehuda Levi.


Hm... Mine said Tom Cruise.


lol... Andy Roddick


i entered four different pics and got 5-7 matches for each one. 3 times they told me: colin farrell, christian slater, and cat stevens. and 2 times i got bono and al pacino.

other oddball matches were: ray liotta, ville valo, gillian anderson, laurence olivier and ted kaczynski haha!

thing is nobody's ever told me i look like any of those people, but i do get told all the time i look like toby mcguire.


Ms. Anderson,

I guess this thing only takes into account bone structure, whereas skin tone, hair, coloring, etc. make a huge difference. Probably why people think you look like Toby when your bone structures might be pretty different.


Well...with this photo...Sean Penn.


Maybe they got it mixed up with Madonna.

If not, that program is full of shit. I am told I look like Treach from Naughty By Nature when carrying less body fat. I really don't need a computer program to tell me that.


I thought it was pretty funny. My husband laughed that I came out as a man and then said...what does that say about me. But it all fell into place when he came out as a woman! Too funny.



I got Clint Eastwood & Adrian Brody, I can see their similarity; but odd considering I have a fat face.


Well that is kind of fun...I did several pics too. Several times I got Courtney Cox, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz and Audrey Hepburn. Of these I've been told I look like Audrey Hepburn. I did get Hilary Clinton as a match too. That when I stopped!! At least it didn't say Bill Clinton.


I entered a picture of Jackie Chan, and it said he looks like Kirk Douglas. Yep! Pretty sure it's bull. Lots of fun though.


Sarah Michelle Gellar.



Mel Gibson, Omar Sharif, Frank Capra.

I think we all share a fair amount of facial wrinkles.


Woo hoo! Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Watts.


Dustin Hoffman.. ah, NO! haha


First picture with 58% I got Liza Minnelli!
Then (same pic) Julie Christie, Nikole Kidman, Isabelle Huppert, Eddie Murphy, and Octavio Paz.

Then with a picture of me deadlifting I got:
Whitney Houston, Anne Frank, Lyndon B Johnson and SHIRLEY TEMPLE!

If I thought there was anything to this, I might start to get sexual identity issues.

I at least thought I look more male than female. I have to go 3-4 people deep just to get a male match!


Alec Baldwin..


Olusegun Obasanjo? Who the fuck is that?
Alexander III of Russia
Jane Goodall
Tom Jones!!!
Kofi Annan! LOL!!
Helmut Schmidt?
Condoleeza Rice!@!!! WTF!!???
Tom Hanks?
Will Smith (ok, I can deal with that one)
Gnassingbe Eyadema? (african)

OK, apparently, I am clearly of African descent and bare a striking resemblence to Koffi Annan, Will Smith and some guy from Russia.

I will never recover, however, from the Condaleeza Rice relation.


I got Lucille Ball, Julia Roberts and some guy named
Fernando Alfonso. Who the hell is that?