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Who Do You Look Like?

I found this site with face-recognition software. You upload your picture, and it tells you who you resemble the most. It told me I look like Van Damne. Then, I figured that it was bullshit, but fun to try anyway.


So who do you resemble?

I got Nicholas Cage and Yehuda Levi.

Hm… Mine said Tom Cruise.

lol… Andy Roddick

i entered four different pics and got 5-7 matches for each one. 3 times they told me: colin farrell, christian slater, and cat stevens. and 2 times i got bono and al pacino.

other oddball matches were: ray liotta, ville valo, gillian anderson, laurence olivier and ted kaczynski haha!

thing is nobody’s ever told me i look like any of those people, but i do get told all the time i look like toby mcguire.

Ms. Anderson,

I guess this thing only takes into account bone structure, whereas skin tone, hair, coloring, etc. make a huge difference. Probably why people think you look like Toby when your bone structures might be pretty different.

[quote]swivel wrote:

thing is nobody’s ever told me i look like any of those people, but i do get told all the time i look like toby mcguire.


Well…with this photo…Sean Penn.

[quote]Bittabit wrote:
Well…with this photo…Sean Penn.[/quote]

Maybe they got it mixed up with Madonna.

If not, that program is full of shit. I am told I look like Treach from Naughty By Nature when carrying less body fat. I really don’t need a computer program to tell me that.

I thought it was pretty funny. My husband laughed that I came out as a man and then said…what does that say about me. But it all fell into place when he came out as a woman! Too funny.


I got Clint Eastwood & Adrian Brody, I can see their similarity; but odd considering I have a fat face.

Well that is kind of fun…I did several pics too. Several times I got Courtney Cox, Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz and Audrey Hepburn. Of these I’ve been told I look like Audrey Hepburn. I did get Hilary Clinton as a match too. That when I stopped!! At least it didn’t say Bill Clinton.

I entered a picture of Jackie Chan, and it said he looks like Kirk Douglas. Yep! Pretty sure it’s bull. Lots of fun though.

Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Mel Gibson, Omar Sharif, Frank Capra.

I think we all share a fair amount of facial wrinkles.

Woo hoo! Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan and Naomi Watts.

Dustin Hoffman… ah, NO! haha

First picture with 58% I got Liza Minnelli!
Then (same pic) Julie Christie, Nikole Kidman, Isabelle Huppert, Eddie Murphy, and Octavio Paz.

Then with a picture of me deadlifting I got:
Whitney Houston, Anne Frank, Lyndon B Johnson and SHIRLEY TEMPLE!

If I thought there was anything to this, I might start to get sexual identity issues.

I at least thought I look more male than female. I have to go 3-4 people deep just to get a male match!

Alec Baldwin…

Olusegun Obasanjo? Who the fuck is that?
Alexander III of Russia
Jane Goodall
Tom Jones!!!
Kofi Annan! LOL!!
Helmut Schmidt?
Condoleeza Rice!@!!! WTF!!???
Tom Hanks?
Will Smith (ok, I can deal with that one)
Gnassingbe Eyadema? (african)

OK, apparently, I am clearly of African descent and bare a striking resemblence to Koffi Annan, Will Smith and some guy from Russia.

I will never recover, however, from the Condaleeza Rice relation.

I got Lucille Ball, Julia Roberts and some guy named
Fernando Alfonso. Who the hell is that?