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Who Do You Listen To?


IOW, which posters in these forums do you listen to? Who have you found that you know consistently imparts good advice? Who do you trust, and who do you learn from? Finally, who at least "gets it", someone you know will have some success at this?

By default, this means that not only does the poster have to understand what the hell they are talking about, they either have to post frequently enough, or have a solid thread in their name, for one to remember. This is just my list, off the top of my head:


Tiribulus (shame he doesn't post as often anymore)
Prof. X
Mighty Stu
New Damage
Fatty Fat

DC GUYS (as I'm trying out DC ATM)



Holy Mac (for the MMF advice)

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but there's a quicky list. I'm hopeful that some of the newbs that see this thread can take to heart that advice from these guys is solid. Sort of like Cliff Notes to wade through the T-Nation bullshit.

So - which other posters out there do you listen to?


Anyone who have negative things to say about me.


Dirty Gerdy



Everyone listed so far + BugeishaAD. I would definitely take advice from morepain (starter of the 21" arm thread) and there was another newer huge guy that posted in there, can't remember his name off the top of my head.

Basically though I would take advice from anyone who is significantly larger and/or stronger than me...or has trained with others that are much larger/stronger.


Forgot about Dirty Gerdy, but you're absolutley right. Knew I'd forget a few.

1morerep has a great physique, but he wasn't one to weigh in on a lot of issues, as I recall. I don't think I've seen him post in quite a while.




Knew that was coming...


Sorry, my bad :slightly_smiling:


Only if I want advice about buying my 12 year old nonexistent daughter sex toys.


Definitely a good listing so far, I'm actually kinda honored to be listed among the other names. I still like to get certain other peoples' opinions on what I'm doing, even if I'm only going to do my own thing anyway. At least that way if it doesn't work, I have alternatives, or even know ahead of time why it didn't. For as much whining as there has been lately about the direction the boards are going, we definitely have some truly knowledgeable and helpful folks on here. I know that's why this is why I'm still around after so long :slightly_smiling:



Pretty much the same as OP, ones I see posting now. Always ensure I read replies/ advice from them and take in what they say.

Prof. X
Mighty Stu


Probably read stuff about Cephalic_Carnage the most, since he does 5/3/1 or a variant also. I always like reading Prof. X on general bodybuilding because he has the most common sense, and Alpha's just a fucking beast so I'll read anything he says about training. And also Waylander, since he is only 19, that is fucking impressive. And Holy Mac's just funny, but he doesn't know anything about training. :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone who is truly big and strong, with a pic or vid to prove it.


No one has mentioned GluteusGigantis, he seems quite knowledgable also

I'd also like to say that the 'bodypart once weekly?' thread has been an great read


The guys who have been posting workouts in the Brotherhood of Iron for awhile are all pretty knowledgeable and dedicated. I've learned alot just by following the BOI thread(s).


He doesn't post too much anymore, but Bauer was (is) full of great info-- dig up his thread in T-Cell Alpha.


Everyone listed in seriousness thus far has credibility in their own right, but man, no one pours as much information and helpfulness into his posts as CC. It's truly incredible. There are a number of people I enjoy reading and learning from, particularly those involved in the DC thread and some other notables here at T-Nation, but for me CC is by far and away my biggest sources of information on this forum. Kudos to him.


TC, Iron Dwarf and Prof. X. Have both funny and opinionated/educational posts


Stronghold, he's probably the main reason why my total keeps going up time after time again.


CC, Modok, Jim Wendler