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Who do you hate the most...

…in Hollywood? What superficial, c*ck-sucking, talent-less prick who is making more money than we ever will and banging more beautiful babes than we ever will would you like to choke out? What celebrity would you like to take behind the woodshed and take a massive, steaming dump on? Many of my guy friends tend to hate Ben Affleck, they think he’s a total tool. One hates Robin Williams, he can’t stand his zany characters and silly voices. I think shock-jocks Opie and Anthony hate him too. Any true T-Man hates N-Sync and all boy bands. Personally, I like Williams and I think Affleck’s alright-hey, Good WIll Hunting is in my top 10 fave movies, so I can’t hate him.
No, the guy I hate is …Adam Sandler. He is so f’n goofy and unfunny. Every one of his movies has a skinny, threadbare plot, Sandler plays the same basic moron, he has no charisma, no dramatic ability, no real sense of humor…WTF? This guy is one of the richest people in show-business? WHy? He can’t lick the boots of most SNL alumni like Eddie Murphy, Dennis Miller, Steve Martin or Chevy Chase. Even 2nd tier stars like Spade, Dreyfus, Farley (RIP) are funnier than him. His movies are stupid and shallow-please don’t say Billy Madison rocked. Ooooh, he made a comedy about golf, the most boring thing in the world.
So who do YOU hate?

PS-I think this is the silliest post I’ve ever put up, but I am curious who people hate
PPS- I’d have to put Michael “Let’s get ready to rumble” BUffer, that f’n one trick pony, at #2!

If I ever run into Freddie Prinze Jr I’m gonna open up a 6-pack of whoop ass on that boy. outlaw.

They’re ALL tools. All those roles they play in movies are nothing more than the creations of a script writer and a director. They’re called ACTORS for a reason.

Actually, a good friend of mine (who can’t stand sitting through a movie) was in Hollywood shopping with his wife (they’re pretty much filthy rich), and he was sitting in this one store waiting for his wife to come out of the dressing room, and he’s right next to Tom Cruise. He just looks at him, sticks his hand out and says “Hi, I’m Samir, how are you doing?” Well, he has no clue who Tom Cruise is, and his wife is making a big deal of it, and all these people on the street are asking him how it was to meet Tom Cruise. Funny thing was, he thought the guy was kind of stuck up. Sad.

I heard WWII vet say one time that during the war he would rather have shot Frank Sinatra than Hitler. I guess for the same reasons .

Justa sk any Viet Nam vet about Jane Fonda…

I would like to have about one week with Bill Clinton. I would straighten him out. I know he is not in Hollywood, but he would like to be. I think he is an arrogant ass, liar, and an all-around dink.

Well, I love Sandler, so I’ll have to disagree with that part…but anyway.

That guy from “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “That 70’s Show”…fuck that guy right in the ear.

I would really like to put Billy Crystal under a 600 pound bench press and leave him there. That guy is a real arrogent tool! My guitar teacher told me that a friend of his saw Paul McCartney coming out of the airport. When he saw him, he was very amazed to see his idol. So he went up to him and told him how great his music was, and what a difference it made in his life. In response, the old brit told him to get out of his life and how he didn’t want to see him again. What an ass! What bothers me so much about these celebrities is how the media portrays them to be so important. Boo hoo, Ben Affleck has a drinking problem, so you should see his crappy films. Ever seen that show Entertainment Tonight? 30 minutes of a waste of time. I also heard that Alec Balwin and Robert Dinero are total dicks. One celebrity I could see rising up to Assholedome is that guy who played Anakin Skywalker in AoTC.

Any Baldwin.

you guys, don’t get so riled up over these stupid stars that think that they’re cool and important. just try to realize that you are probably a hell of a lot cooler, and funner to be around than alot of those fruits, not to say there aren’t cool ones i’m sure there are.

ok that being said I’d love to punch the shit out of Usher.

Rosie O’Donell

Yeah, I forgot about the Baldwins, especially the younger ones.
I’m expecting shitdisturber to live up to his name and say “Arnold” !
Another one I forgot is Tom Arnold-what a waste of air that guy is. I can’t believe he’s famous because he was married to Roseanne Barr. What a price to pay for fame, huh?

enrique inglasis is the biggest piece of zebra shit in the world. i fucking hate the pussy rock groups like nickleback, default, the calling, matchbox 20, wallflowers, lifehouse, etc. what the fuck kind of music is this? i’d rather listen to justin timberfag then these bunch of horseshit groups

I can’t knock Affleck or Damon because they’re die hard New England sports fans. In fact, both of them said that they would give up all their fame and fortune for a Red Sox World Championship! I honestly wouldn’t be able to comment on who I really dislike if it wasn’t for Joe Piscapo’s interview on ESPN News the other day regarding the Nets getting the living crap beaten out of them by the Lakers (He’s a Nets fan and NH native). If I was as annoying as that guy, I’d kick my own ass!

Wrong Sonny boy. I could care less about anyone in plasticland. I do respect Arnold though. He worked his fucking ass off to get where he is. I’m lucky enough to own a copy of Pumping Iron and it’s fucking great. It’s the women who are annoying. Would someone please fuck Alley McSqueal. Whoppie Goldberg, FUCK that’s annoying. Who names a kid Whoppie anyway? Not funny and UGLY. Like I said though, don’t really give a flying FUCK!

If I was just judging Affleck on movies like “Bounce” I would think he’s a douchebag too. But he has done some great shit in Kevin Smith’s masterpieces so he’s in my cool-book. Viva l’Affleck!!! (as long as he keeps fucking with Jay and Silent Bob)

i still love watchin billy madison and happy gilmore from time to time…

Carrot Top. That man needs a serious beating. Others may include Terry Bradshaw for his crappy 10-10-220 commercials, Bob Saget, Ronald McDonald (I have a fear of big red shoes), Matt Lauer from the Today Show (or any other national morning show host - that means you Gumbell), Howard Stern, Waiter guy from office space, Jar Jar Binks (and the computer he rode in on), Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant (and any other Laker for that mater), the family from seventh heaven, the Savage brothers (then I’d take Winnie), Bill Paxton, Dave Coulier, John Stamos (anyone who gets a hot chick and plays with the beach boys needs it), Andy Dick, and Matthew Lesko. Yeah, that’d make for a pretty productive afternoon.

arnold’s the man, but other than that who cares, most of them are a bunch of arrogant/self absorbed, stuck up pricks with people like george clooney, robert downey, julia roberts, and madonna at the top of the list. i have as much respect for a lot of these actors as i do lawyers, and can’t wait to see them on celebrity boxing and hollywood squares when their star fades.

Charles Poliquen :wink: