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Who do Hermaphrodites Marry?


A hermaphrodite, for those unaware, is someone born with female and male genitalia. In some cases, the clitoris is the size of a penis when aroused and capable of having sex with male or females. In others, there is a fully formed penis and vagina. Most of these individuals are infertile, although there have been some cases of those who were assigned as females impregnating women. I have known one in real life who had a fully functional penis and vagina and while this person called themselves a "she" seemed to be mainly interested in women (although I discovered this information through the confidence of my gay male friend. Go figure.)

My question is for those on this board against gay marriage/sex: who should a hermaphrodite marry? If they marry a male, there will be a fully aroused penis rubbing against a fully aroused penis when they engage in intercourse. In addition, if the male they marry is polite enough to go down on them, the most pleasurable way is going to involve taking the penis in his mouth.

On the other hand, if the hermaphrodite marries a woman, we have two pairs of vagina lips rubbing together during intercourse and those lips will at some point be on the other woman's lips if she goes down on "him".

So, given that gay sex is unavoidable with either sex, who should these people marry?


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I don't know why you'd ask for that.


If anyone is interested in the medical pictures of hermaphrodite genitals, google is once again your friend, but you're just going to see a variety of what I posted in the main description.

Let's get back to the topic: who should these people marry given that gay sex is inevitable?


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I don't know beyond a shadow of a doubt, but my gay friend said the penis was larger than his own when erect, ejaculated, and he could have intercourse with the vagina.

Also, it's a well known fact that some of these people can have sex successfully with both sexes. A little research on the topic makes that clear. You can also see this from the great variety of pictures. In addition, some other animals are entirely hermaphroditic, such as some species of snails.

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So, once again, who should these people marry?


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Perhaps, but you still have the problem of gay sex by technical standards and the other problem that there may not be another hermaphrodite around for them to marry, given it's rarity. In that case, should they be prevented from marrying?


in most western countries, hermaphrodite have a legal sex, male or female, registered at birth. They can marry the opposite sex.
Like everyone else.

In most western countries, hermaphrodite can love, fuck and live with whoever they want, as long as their partner is adult and consenting.
Like everyone else.

the "problem of gay sex" is not a problem at all.


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Correct. In my opinion, gay sex isn't a problem, period. However, most people who are against gay marriage often don't realize what hermaphrodite sex entails. There is no true "opposite" sex for these people, regardless of whether or not you assign them a sex at birth, and quite a few of them have historically engaged in sex with both sexes in addition to switching genders, or even doing away with genders (see the person in my picture. I had the hardest time figuring out whether she was a she or a he in person because she has facial, voice, and bodily traits that are right down the middle sex-wise). Apparently a few of them have even impregnated after being assigned the female gender.

My point is that if someone has a moral problem with someone with a penis sexually engaging with someone who also has a penis, or the female gay equivalent, where do hermaphrodites fall into their moral framework?


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Each time we have a "gay marriage" thread, we patiently explain that this a legal and political issue.
We endlessly repeat that we think that
-M+F unions IS and should remains the OFFICIAL LEGAL AND SOCIAL MODEL, promoted by the state under the name of MARRIAGE.
-we simply don't care about "gay sex" per se, as long as gay activists doesn't try to make it a OFFICIAL LEGAL AND SOCIAL MODEL.

that's the same thing here.

hermaphrodites are either male or female, under the law, they marry the opposite sex, under the law.
Then they fuck who they want and how they want, in their own bed.
And we don't care.

Now, why all this fascination with gay sex ?


So all you are concerned about marriage-wise is the gender of the person?

So if a man is declared by the state to be a woman, it would be okay for him to marry another man? That's a new spin.


Having sex with both sexes successfully doesn't sound like a life of misery to me, but in regards to your derail attempt, that's outside the scope of this conversation.


"Who do Hermaphrodites Marry?"

Barack Obama


No, it would be okay for him to be re-declared by the state to be a man.


I'm sure it doesn't, to you.


Will you be gracing us with details of corpophilia, next? Save the details for whatever you folks do in the smut forum, please?