Who Did You Vote for In Primary?

Just curious to compare to your current postings.

I voted Cruz

I guess no one voted and participated in the process, but now have thousands of words to pontificate about the choices?

I voted for Rubio as a strategic vote as I was trying to get him to the 20% mark to receive delegates in Texas. If there was no 20% line I would’ve voted for Kasich.

My state doesn’t allow us to vote for a presidential candidate in the primary.

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Wanted to vote for Cruz. Didn’t switch from “no affiliation” to Republican in time. My state allows first time voters to register and vote in primaries up to two weeks before the election. I however had to change my affiliation before the last general election to be eligible to vote in a primary. Primary was held in April, would have had to be registered in new party by the previous November.

So, I didn’t vote in the primary.