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Who Cuts Their Own Hair?


So I bought a pair of clippers for $30 on Amazon which I thought was a deal and I just buzzed my own head w/ a #4.

I think this is the way to go if you like your hair short, as you can buzz it down every week and stay looking sharp and freshly cut, without paying for a hair cut every couple weeks.

Now, the job isn't quite finished as I'm not sure how to trim around my ears. I'm thinking about just going for it with the clippers and seeing what happens, but this is the one part of the process I'm most likely to screw up.

If anybody has any methods on how to do it, I would appreciate it.

Also, I can get somebody to clean up the back of my neck but is there an easy way to do this by oneself. I just looked in the mirror w/ a hand mirror in one hand and the buzzer in another and it was fine, but somebody has to have a method to do this blind.

Lastly, I just buzzed it the same height all the way around. Its still a bit longer on the sides and in the back than I'm used to. Does anybody have a method on how to blend a shorter clipper into a longer clipper on top. I could just do a high and tight thing, but I'd rather not.


After i had to pay 15$ for a few shitty haircuts i started cutting my own hair with clippers . Used to trim it all the way around with 1 extension . Over a period of time started to cut it shorter and shorter . Id say it payed off , and i saved a bunch on haircuts .

Later , though , i find out about shaving your head and decided to try it . Havent gone back to anything but a shaved head . Nice , neat and clean look . It only sucks to buy razors . Although a set of 4 lasts awhile .

  1. Put a bowl on your head
  2. Shave the hair that hangs below the bowl
  3. Bang hot chics


me = 0.7 on top and 0 fade,
get it done every week
20 bucks also includes
shave with a blade

if not done every week then i'll spread it out to 2 in a 3 week period,

but as for cutting around your ears and in the back, just play around you'll get the hang of it


i actually freehand it. i cut the lowest inch (near the ears) right against the scalp with the guard (like you did the top) and then slowly pull away until it is graduated and blended as it goes up. it will take you a few haircuts to get it right. experiment with a longer guard and see how that looks and then once you have it down a bit, go to a shorter one. then if you really fuck it up, you can get a cheap haircut to fix it, or just go shorter again until its even.

i've cut my own hair for 10 years, and i can actually do it now in 10 minutes. it fucking beats going to some place every 3 weeks.

the back will take the longest to get used to bc of the mirror, but honestly, once you can do it, it makes things so easy.


I've been cutting my own for a while now and have figured out a kick-arse method of trimming a nice neat line on the back of my neck...

Grab some tape, preferably nice and wide - I use a big fat roll of that plastic kind of sticky tape, like you might use to seal up a packing box.

Mask up a line around the back where you want it - use two mirrors and make sure you are happy with the placement.

Then take the clippers with no guard (like a zero) flip them over and trim along the tape. So, you kind of start each stroke (for lack of a better description) on the tape then move down to the exposed hair that you want trimmed off. Hair under the tape doesn't get cut, hair below the tape line trims off nice and neat.

Perfect line every time. Make sense?


I do a number 1 all over. I just do the best I can on the back and around the ears. I got more important things to do than worry about my hair. Like deadlift.


Ha. I did this for about 5 - 7 years in college through grad school. Here's what you do:

You've got two faders (right and left ear tapers). Choose the straights that match the short and long lengths on the faders. For me, it was a # 1 on the sides and a # 2 on the top. This makes it real easy since you can keep the guards against your head the whole time.

Use the long one first. Do your whole head (I used to leave a little length jutting out the front). Then take the #1 and do your sides, from just behind your ear, right up over it. You'll have to experiment to get the height right. Then take the appropriate taper and use it on the appropriate side going from behind the ear to just over it again. The taper will let you blend the #1 on the sides into the # 2 on top. Once I accidentally used the wrong taper on the wrong side (tapers backwards) so I had to cut it all to the shortest length. Never did that again.

Now for the magic trick. Take off all the guards and be sure the non-removable steel guard is in it's lowest position. Take a length of packing tape and put it around your head from ear to ear around the back. I used to use clear packing tape about 2 inches wide. The bottom of the packing tape should be where you want your trim to end. The packing tape protects the hair above that location. Now shave the back of your neck starting on the tape and going down. Don't go up, you'll go under the tape that way.

The first few times you may need to switch guards a lot to take off a little at a time, but once you get the feel for it, it'll be quick.

I used to have a whole system for this. A mirror in the bathtub, a small broom and dustpan to clean up the hair and a quick shower afterwards. I could get it done in a half hour. That $15 hair clipper set more than paid for itself. These days I just go to supercuts or fantastic sams and pay the $10-15. Although if I ever decide to go that short again, I'll do it myself. :slightly_smiling:


Crap, in the time it took me to type, PJ84 mentioned the packing tape.

I'll let you know that my father came up with that idea first and I'm pretty sure it's patented so that only my family can use it or give it away.

Thanks :wink:


I wish my father had come up with it and passed the secret down to me as a young buck... would have saved me a lot of fucking around and dodgy trims before I worked out to do it with the tape!


Come on man, are you fucking serious? Man up, grab a pair of scissors, trim around yer ears. DONE. For your neck, grab a mirror and a blade, shave and DONE. Quit frettin, yer a MAN for gawds sake. Dont mean to be bustin your balls mate but FUCK!...yer cuttinyour hair, this aint rocket science!

FWIW I bought a clipper over a decade ago and never looked back. Shave down to a 3mm (#1), as short as I can get it. Clean-cut, sleek, efficient, free, great for working out and damn fuckinsexy. Every few years my clipper breaks down, if I cant fix it myself I buy a new one and voila.


I cut my own hair but this time I let it get a little bit long and it was tricky to give it a trim. But fuck if I'm going to fork over 50 bucks for a trim!


Just shave your head.

It will solve so many problems and give you an "edge" too.


Look at that OP, a girrrrrrrrrl can do it and you can`t!

Im messin with ya mate :wink:


I tried shaving my own head once with a battery-powered razor. Halfway through, the battery went dead and my hair looked like I stuck it in a helicopter. I thought it would be funny to go down to the local Scientology office and tell them I wanted to convert with my new haircut. I had a hat on and when I took it off, the woman at the desk looked visibly shaken by what she saw.



Too bad your head wasen't bleeding for more of shock value. lol


I haven't had a professional haircut since 1984.


It was my nose that was bleeding. I'll tell you what though: she only took about ten seconds to get over the initial shock before she asked me for my SS# and a cash donation to get things started. I ran right through the window as fast as I could.


my roommate in college once tried to scissor cut and style his hair. Im laughing my ass off just thinking about the results of that fiasco. I've never laughed in someones face like that before or since.


I actually read this thread, cut my own hair, and now I am posting in it. I will keep you all updated as further events transpire in my life.