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Who Cracks You Up?!?


After reading a reply in the "ball twitching" thread I had to begin this thread. When you are on the forums here at T-Nation who makes you laugh the most? My vote goes to Dollarbill44. Almost every time he posts a reply I crack up laughing. I have laughed out loud at work on many occasions reading his posts or replies.


Bastard Guy gets my vote. Not because he's all that funny, but because he's so stinking gay.


Yeah DB is a funny dude,

Lostinthought, Vegita, Von Diesel, PGA, Rainjack, and a little more lately Rockscar make me laugh as well.

But my favorite dude who's always good for a laugh is Apayne.


Off the top of my head...

DB for sure, Apayne every time, Professor X...Massif is pretty damn funny. Oh, and Dan McVicker when he gets around to posting is usually good for a laugh...


You guys got some of my favorites. There are some funny dudes here.


Sometimes Karma, when she puts some dude who's never heard of the clit (or some such problem) in his place. :slight_smile:


Shugart, Dan John, apayne, PX, and the INFAMOUS PP

i would never leave my crack up around rainjack though



karma? that dirty whore? she's ok.




...not that there's anything wrong with that.


What ever happened to that Joe Weider guy? I used to enjoy our little snide remarks....


Find his last couple of posts and you'll probably get your answer.


Your just jealous.


Holy shit RJ, did you just make a grammar error?


A grammAtical error? Where?


"your" should be "you're"

Come on Nate, you're better than that kid!


I was making a reference to the '-er' on lostinthought's post.



That wasn't me. That was BastardGuyisGayer. I don't know who he is, or where he came from - but he has a way cool avatar.


Professor X, TC, and Shugart are probably my favorite. Professor X has that dry sense of humor, TC always seems like he's on shrooms when he's writing (the randomness of his comments are ridiculous), and Shugart always throws a one liner in on a very serious article, normally one of his sick sexual fanatsies. Hats off fellas!


oh..oh..yeah, OK..that makes more sense. My bad.


jeffie's hilarious whenever he talks about liberals.

rj's hilarious whenever he talks about douchebags.

vroom is probably the most underrated comic we got. ive laughed more from some of his stuff than anybody else's.

il cazzo did some of the funniest shit of all time in 'imitate t-members here'.

proteinpounda was funny till his novelty wore off.

pookie is sometimes funny, but he's definately got everybody beat when it comes to syntax and internet oration.