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Who Counts Calories in Veggies?


Just wondering who here actually counts the calories from veggies?


I don't bother if I'm just going for a rough daily count. Occasionally I track a day on nutritiondata.com, so they get all perfectly included in that. BTW, it's an awesome site... far superior to any other online nutritional analysis resource I've found.


Only morons count calories from vegetables. Unless they're starches like potatoes or corn and things.


The veggies you're talking about, I don't count.


I do. I don't think there's any such thing as "free calories." A calorie is a measure of energy, not a subjective concept some guy made up.


yeah, agreed.


I don't count the calories in vegetables if they are fibrous green vegetables such as broccoli or spinach. If you are doing things such as the Rapid Fat Loss diet you will want to count the calories. Also, not all veggies are created equal. Compare green peas to celery.

but unless you are weeks from your competition,...... I don't know if you need to worry.
eat your green fibrous vegetables!!!


I definitely agree with this, but I feel that counting the calories from broccoli throughout the day may not add up to anything significant. I'd rather not trouble myself with counting and measuring 100kcals of broccoli (or another similar veggie).

I'm assuming that we're talking about during a calorie deficit. In this case, a person would most likely be in a large enough deficit that their veggie intake wouldn't matter anyway.


Yeah...but those calories aren't going to make or break your fat loss or muscle gain. You have to eat a shit load of veggies to get hardly any calories. I see where you are coming from though if you're on a very strict diet. I'm not, so I'm not worrying about counting those.

Edit: Previous poster future-read my post and said similar things to me.


Hmmm apparently i'm eating 350-400 calories of veggies a day. Awh well.


If sauteed in oil I count the oil. Veggies are free in my book.


I guess MGD64 beer is "free" too. I mean, 64 calories at a time could not affect results. Obviously (if the oft-repeated logic above were correct.)

Certainly I count them, and no, cumulatively they are not negligible, unless you eat negligble amounts.


If you had one beer a day, the calories would be negligble.


Well, you can also say that being 2 lb fatter is negligible, or 20 lb weaker in the squat negligible, or whatever you like. There is nothing different about these calories. You would either be getting the benefits of 16 grams less protein (for example) for same calories in your diet, or if you say 64 calories more don't matter, then surely another 16 grams of protein (or good carbs) wouldn't matter with regards to the fat loss so why are you leaving those out?

Anyway I'm not going to argue it: believe a fallacy all you want, anyone who wants to.


I love me some veggies


If bulking, then no because I want as many calories as possible...then again if I'm bulking I'm having more meat then veggies :wink:.

But if I was on a cut dropping some fat then it's probably to smart to count them in there because each calorie counts when you are trying to lose.


Im not saying the calories don't count. Theres no dispute over any fallacies. However, in the context of dieting, while a person is in a calorie deficit 100kcals or less will probably not make a big deal/show a difference. I personally don't eat or know anyone that eats enough green fiberous veggies that would add significant amount of calories to ones diet. They are not calorie dense at all, provide great fiber to calories and are filled with vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. To drive yourself crazy about counting, weighing and/or measuring them is a task that is useless in my opinion. Again, I'm not arguing that their calories don't count, but their calories don't add up to anything significant for most people. While in a decent sized deficit, does <100kcals really need to be stressed?

As if anyone is precise down to the calorie while measuring their intake anyway. Theres also no need to exaggerate your point and mention beer as an alternative or leaving out protein. As bodybuilders, we're assuming protein intake is adequate and beer consumption is not a problem. Lets keep this thread rational.