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Who Celebrates Kwanzaa?


I know Kwanzaa is a holiday attached to African AMERICANS and here in Canada I like to joke by wishing all my black friends a happy Kwanzaa. But do most black people in the US actually celebrate this? How many of you Americans have walked into a friends house around this time to find it decked out in Kwanzaa paraphernalia?

Just curious how widely celebrated this holiday is.


I think its the funniest shit when white people ask me about Kwanzaa

I'm like "wtf is that?" theyre like "you know, what YOU guys do during this time of the year"

I've never met anyone who celebrates it..half my family is black a lot of my friends are

plus you have to consider (most) black people here are baptist and see Jesus' "birthday" as too important to pass up for a black revolutionary holiday

i'm rambling .02


Same here. I've never known a single person that celebrated Kwanzaa.


Im white =D lol and i only know people who celebrate Christmas and Hanuka. Ive never met anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa


I had a black teacher in 3rd grade who taught us about this extensively during this time of year, and that's the last I've ever heard of it.


Some dude made it up in the sixties.

I think he heard that 'White Christmas' song and got all pissed.


My work group at the office is 75% black and not one of them has said a word about Kwanzaa. Oh wait, the guy who emigrated from the Ivory Coast did have a word for Kwanzaa- "bullshit".


i'm black...
they'll be no kwanzaa here


Damn really??? I know about 6 guys just from my grade who do that shit.
They take it as a joke for the most part though


Kwanzaa is the result of Christmas and Hanukkah's three sum with a black stripper. A very confused and unpopular bastard.