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Who CCW?


I don't (live in a bad neighborhood), but it is legal in my State and I grew up with firearms so am very familiar with them. The likely hood, I will ever need to use a gun in defense of myself or others is likely nil. I don't generally put myself in situations (other then the outdoors where the threat can come from an animal not human) where the threat of violence is high.

But, I like having the option and capability that if in the 1 in a million chance my life or the lives of those around me or in danger, I can take action to protect myself or others. Also, I said, I don't live in a bad neighborhood, but nearly every day in my hometown newspaper there are reports of shootings sometimes involving innocents in areas of town that are 'bad'. There are lots of usually young, dumb, and full of cum, kids that are packing illegally and if I run into the wrong one I'm not going to be at a disadvantage.



I carry concealed as does most of my family and a good number of my friends. We are all licensed and all trained. We spend a lot of time and money maintaining our skills.

A lot of people have misconceptions about people who are licensed to carry firearms and jchenky gives voice to that in her comment. The reality is that those who do carry treat it as a very solemn and sober responsibility.

We have made a conscious choice to exercise a God-given right and do so in a very serious manner. We are able to protect ourselves, our families, friends and communities at all times and you will find that we are willing to sacrifice our lives in an effort to protect yours.

You have nothing to fear from us - we are not the criminals you hear about in the nightly news. Criminals are NOT licensed to carry, break the laws by doing so and continued in their disregard for legality and moral rightness by continuing to break the law and harm others.

We choose to not be victims and refuse to allow others to be victims of criminals as well. This country would have descended into darkness and chaos long ago if it had not been for the armed and trained American citizens who fight back against the scum of the earth who would rather harm and kill others.

We refuse to live in fear, worrying if we are going to be robbed, beaten or killed!

Give some respect where it is due! thanks.


Great post! Pretty much sums it all up right there.

Carrying a weapon is a burden, you have to be aware of it at all times and respect the power on your hip. It's not a joke or a toy, it's a means to an end, hopefully the bad guys and not mine. I didn't carry for a long time but I've got a family to consider now and I aim to protect them at all costs.

I've had training and intend to have more when I can, this day and age being in a "good" neighborhood means nothing. I'd been going back and forth on getting the CCW for awhile when I found out that in my upper middle class neighborhood there had been several of burglaries.

Times are changing folks and as far as my gun goes, I'd rather be looking at than looking for it, God forbid the time ever comes.


For those who are licensed to carry and have children, how do you keep the gun at home? I imagine it would be very difficult. If you have it unloaded and locked away in a safe, it would be useless in a home invasion situation, but leave it in a drawer in your night table and you risk your kids lives. How do you reconcile this?


I'd rather not need to carry a weapon with me. In fact, I'd rather not have a weapon, and have to deal with a gun wielding maniac with my bare hands. It's just culture. It's American to want guns and all that, and I love America for it.

If guns where legal here in the UK, I'd probably have the lot because I'm a great marksman, and I enjoy shooting. The problem with that though, is that legalised guns would make gun circulation here out of control, and it's something that we do have a fairly large amount of control over.


I have a gun safe which will hold about twenty or so rifles and I'm the only one with the combo. I keep one weapon in the bedroom at night while I'm there.



I don't have a kid (yet, he'll be here in April) but that's my plan also. I will also be keeping a small night stand safe that opens quickly via finger prints or combination.

Once my son is old enough to understand he will know what guns are, what they can do and why he shouldn't play with them.

I believe that a lot of accidents at home could be avoided if parents showed kids why they shouldn't play with them as apposed to just telling them they shouldn't play with them.

If someone told me not to mess with something when I was a kid but never told me why I liked to figure it out on my own. Gotta be responsible with guns and kids.


I don't have kids, but I have a safe that I keep my guns in when I leave my house. They stay locked up in there unless I'm physically inside my house, in which case I leave the safe unlocked with guns in it.

When I go to sleep, I keep one gun outside of it, by my bed, with the magazine in. Upon waking up and getting ready to leave for work, I put that gun back inside, and lock it up.


The Walmart corp policy kinda sorta says they do not allow civilians to carry concealed even legally. It may be in your best interest to write a lettter or approach the store manager him or herself as they often have thier own beliefs, just to be safe.

+1 both concealed and open (New Hampshire).


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I carry FN 5.7. I don't always have it on me, but it's nice to know that when I want to carry I can.


I agree with push on his above post. Teaching children proper respect for firearms is a part of responsible gun ownership I believe. As a child myself my grandpa took me out in the woods and taught me how to shoot starting off with .22 rifle and .22 pistol.

Teaching a child about a firearm under supervised conditions is always better than, "don't touch that".


With all do respect an attempt on your person can happen anywhere anytime I feel your questions has no point.


Yeah me too their generally refferred to as Thugs or criminals or rapists etc. The majority of law abing people who carry don't walk around randomly. As a matter of fact most coherent people who don't carry usually have a purpose for walking around.


It also scares people who are somewhat inclined, but not absolutely determined, to rob or mug somebody. That it scares you is an unfortunate side effect.


I got to shoot that one day with my unit. holy shit that's an expensive gun.

curious, why did you decide on the 5.7 round?


Huh, did not know that? The law here in Missouri is that I can carry anywhere that doesn't have a state issued no gun sign (11x14 w/ 1in lettering and an ordinance number) and the only places that have those are schools, government buildings and arenas, everywhere else can put up a sign but it's a suggestion.

According to Missouri law (as taught in my CCW class) if a business has their own sign it's a request and I can be asked to leave if they catch me carrying. The local Wal-Mart here doesn't even have a no carry sign on the front door, if they have a no carry policy the need to inform folks at the door.

BTW I didn't mean that to sound attacking, I'm honestly glad to have the information Ronin, if Wally World wants to be pissy about it I'll probably just leave it in the car so as not to be hassled.


I love the feel of it. It came with 3 20 round mags. It's incredibly accurate, light weight, and very reliable. The only draw back is ammo is expensive. But once I start doing my own reloading that shouldn't be a problem.


Plus the rounds just look bad ass!