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Who CCW?


So in response to the gun thread, I was wondering how many folks around here carry?
I just finally got everything done to carry, today was my first trip out in the world carrying, it was weird. Went to Wal-Mart and felt like everyone was looking at me.

I just knew that everyone noticed, kind of like being really stoned in public, you think everyone knows you're stoned. I'm sure it'll come easier as time goes on.

Right now my carry weapon is a Glock 19 9mm, soon as I get back into the work force I'll be getting a Glock 30 .45 subcompact awesome gun, small and powerful.
Anyone else?

BTW I don't smoke weed anymore and wouldn't consider being the least bit F'd up if I were packing.


glock 19 seems kind of large for a CCW weapon.

what kind of holster / carry mode do you use for that?


It is a little big, not to bad, it is a compact. I use a cheap IWB holster made by Ace case, works just fine, is pretty comfortable and almost invisible. I haven't found any other holster I like as much so far.


Glock 19 is a pretty standard carry piece, so stick with it for awhile and you'll probably get used to it.

Maryland has very strict guidelines in regards to issuing CCW permits and most people can't get it. I would be one of those people.


I have had a CHL in for a few months.

Carrying in public takes some conditioning especially if it is a .45 in a shoulder holster. I am thinking about getting a smaller handgun this year.

Total length of Glock 19 = 6.85in and weight = 21 oz (unloaded)

Total length of Ruger .45 = 7.5in and 29 oz. (unloaded)

Glock 30 = 6.77 in and 24 oz.


bump, there has to be more.


I can carry conceiled, but I rarely do. I just prefer having the option of it if I decide to. Currently, I've got the Springfield XD tactical model, which I can carry without it being noticed, but I'd prefer something smaller.


I'm in the UK. The only people who carry here are either going to shoot someone, or know they're about to be shot at lol


Just waiting for my app. to clear from the Sheriffs Dept. in my town. I am picking up a Taurus Tracker in 44 Mag., Which will be my carry piece, in a couple of weeks. It's only 34 oz. five shot cylinder with a four inch barrel. Good for back up either in the hills or city.



It scares the shit out of me that people just randomly walk around with guns in the US.


I rarely leave the house without my firearm.

I keep it in a gunsafe in my truck if I have to enter a bank, hospital, courthouse or anywhere marked.

Rather be prepared then be cought without it.

Used to carry a bursa thunder .380. Now I carry a taurus PT111. Got my eye on them ruger LCP.


If you're talking about the thirteen year old to twenty something gangbangers and wannabes, that carry any odd assortment of weapons and guns with no training and or licensing and usually under the influence of some type of drug or alcohol, yeah it scares me to. Do you have these types in CA?



It would scare the shit out of me that a criminal could shoot up a mall and I couldn't protect myself if I lived in Canada.


I'm not criticizing any responsible person who chooses to carry concealed, but do you live in neighbourhoods where you actually feel a need to do so?


Walk around randomly? I didn't know having a concealed carry permit turned anyone into a zombie. Hmm.....the people I know who have the permit seem to walk with some purpose in mind, just like folks who don't carry.


my neighbourhood? no. but everywhere i go? maybe.

i'd rather carry for the rest of my life, and never fire a shot, than need it just that ONE time and not have it.


I conceal carry a Glock 26 with Pierce grip extender to fit my hand...as well as adding 3 more rounds to the capacity.

I have a DeSantis Scorpion IWB holster and its pretty comfy for most part. Still fishing around for carry options for gym shorts/sweatpants.


They may live in a neighborhood where it may not be necessary to carry, but people conduct business and have family obligations that may take them into an area that isn't as nice.


I carry, Sig 40 most of the time. If my clothes don't allow it I will carry my Kel-Tek 308, good for shooting someone right up the nose.


Well...my home has been broken into...as well as a few other homes in my neighborhood. And in the past 6 months,we've been hearing random gunshots at night. And I live in a "beautiful" neighboorhood that I enjoying walking around.

I fault some of this to living in such a transient-natured,military town. Lots of imbeciles in the Army..who bring along their imbecile relatives.

But what I carry concealed doesn't compare to what I keep in the house.