Who Cares?

Quick T-Poll…

In reference to many “I don’t wanna lose my hair” questions on the 'Roid board I have a question:

Who really cares about losing their hair?

I (insert feeling of attending an intervention/self-help group---->here*) suffer from MPB and as an ex-hairfarmer the day I saw I was losing my beautiful locks (the story is actually much more entertaining and long than that, involving Van Halen, Vince Neil and a bottle of “Hooker White” hair bleach) I said “Fuck it” and joined the masses with crappy, short “nobody” hair. As the dreaded “spot” started to make it’s appearance more obvious…Bzzzzzzzzzz…gone.

I am now a SBM (Sexy Bald Man).

No bad hair days.

No need for Shampoo.

No blow-dryer.

No mousse


Of course, now I need a hat in the winter but other than that, it’s all good, and the look is going to help when the little horny bastards start sniffin 'round the 'muffins too (I’m still gonna kill the first two or three just as a warning to the others).

So, who would NOT juice just because of the fear of going bald (er)?

Curious 'Cakes want to know.

“It is foolish to tear one’s hair in grief, as though sorrow would be made less by baldness”

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

I agree 100%. I started to get the thinning gig going on there in the front and on the top and one day I was going for a haircut and instead, I stopped into Target and got me a nice hair clipper set. I went home, BZZZZZT and I love it. I bic’d it for the first time a few weekends ago. The chicks love it and I love it. I have to say I was fortunate to have a nice head for it; people are complimenting me on that as well (for what its worth, ha-ha); a round noggin with no dings.

I find that it looks better when I’m maxing out on deadlifts in the powerrack; red faced with the veins popping out of my forehead.

I’m bald and I love it.

I heard that hair loss story of your’s. Thing o’ beauty, it was.
Now for the Q at hand: If you were dropped on your head as a baby, and it now has odd shape, I could understand the fear that would accompany hair loss… not that this applies to me… ALRIGHT! It has everything to do with me! I WAS dropped, I DO have a weird shaped nog, and I AM afraid of MPB! Go to hell!!! All of you mockers!!! :slight_smile:

(BTW, 'Cake, the “winter hat” you’re refering to is called a “Touque” where we live.)

what up cake?

when i was young i had VERY thick hair. when i hit 24-25 it started thinning and i totally freaked out. i felt like i was becoming an old loser. im sure most will agree with me it starts real fast and you lose a bunch but then it stops. i havent lost anymore and i have done a couple of mild cycles. tren included, which is supposedly bad on the hair line.

anyhow i have a friend who is a barber. he hooked me up real nice, i keep it real short 1 1/2 on the top and a 0 on the sides faded up real nicely. my hair looks better than ever this way.

since i cut my hair i have humped at least 3-4 18 year olds and (call me sick) was tempted to hump a few 16’s. for whatever reason since i cut my hair the young girls started loving me.

shaved dome+nice physique=young tang

so in other words, as long as i can bang barley legal chicks i could give a fuck if i lost more!!!


Sure, easy for some. It starts as a dime sized hole on the top of the head, within months it’s the size of a penny. Then a nickle, a quarter… and within a couple of years… a silver dollar. You wake up at night, NO, NO, NOT THE HAIR!!! But it’s too late, that white china dinner plate has moved from your mothers china cabinet to the top of your head. OH MY GOD YOU’VE BECOME A WALKING PENIS!!! YOU HAVE NO HAIR. Man, I can’t believe how many guys are worried about hair loss. I’m a chrome dome and love it. Dog shears from Walmart, one of the best investments I ever made.

fuck that! i was dropped on my head as a baby and cant afford to show my ugly skull. put me down for hair!

ya, if I ever went bald I think I would kill myself.
…I have ripples on my head - pretty gross.

Sorry Cuppy, but I think that the chrome dome look doesn’t suit everyone. Although I don’t have White Snake hair, I do carry a nice coif and I think it looks better on me than anything else.

Yeah, my dome is more of a block, so I’m not looking forward to baldness.

While most women recognize that hair loss is an indicator of decreasing virility, they know that medical science has come to the rescue. There is a (little blue) pill that will set everything straight.

I keep mine very, very short during cycling season (helmet hair, multiple showers a day, ease of care, etc.), but keep it I shall. Both of my grandfathers died in their 90’s with a full head of hair. So while they didn’t leave me weathy, at least they didn’t leave me hairless.

(Insert winking smiley here)

“You got a mis-shapen head.”

(Insert image of ‘Cake dressed as a strict, Hair in a Bun, Grey suit-wearin, Schoolmarm, slapping the blackboard with a yard stick and yelling with a German accent…wait…perhaps you shouldn’t, I don’t like the way Timmy P is lookin’ at me…erk!)

Alright guy’s…the answers so far are all and good but the question was:

"So, who would NOT juice just because of the fear of going bald (er)?

My apologies if my monologue diverted this to a “Who would like to be bald” question but I am curious who fears baldness so much that it is a major reason that they do not juice (or restrict their juicin because of it).

Muy Bien

“Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a man really knows himself”

~ Hubert de Givenchy

OK, on a serious note then… My liver means more to me than my hair. So if anything is going to stop me it’s the chance of liver damage, or getting bad gear, not MPB. That’s why education is the first step in the prep. Know what you are getting into before you make the move.

How timely! My hair has got so thin in the last three months its hard to believe. I blame it all on the juice. Primarily the Tren. But ya know what? I’ll take size and strength anyday over being skinny and hairy.

So to answer the question: After just one taste from the fountain of youth, I could care less about hair. I shave my body anyway, what’s a little more time in the shower doing my head…er, uh, I mean getting some head…hehe

I guess if I wasn’t losing it anyway it would have been something to think of.

BTW, I know a few women that date older guys and their impression is guys with MPB are more virile than their more well covered bretheren. There is hope…

"So, who would NOT juice just because of the fear of going bald (er)?

Ok then, to answer your question, baldness is down the list a ways.

If the question was: “Suppose the worst thing that could possibly ever happen, and your little kids would never ever have to see you being led out of court in handcuffs as a convicted drug user/dealer because of steroids, was possible hairloss or MPB”, then no, it just doesn’t matter that much.

If I could get the body I wanted and the only POSSIBLE consequence was a bald spot, then fuck it. I’d go for it.

Cupcake would not the real question be what are the long term goals from juicing and is it worth it? Allot of guys juice only to give it up later on in life with of course some of the sides to live with forever. Hair loss, gyno, acne scars etc… I think it really depends on what ones long term goals are.
Juice is a phase for many and a life long journey for the ultimate body for others. I love my hair, and am still holding on to all of it. A balded older fatter man who has given way to the life of youth may not agree that it was worth it in the end, a balded muscular older man who has kept himself in check may think it was worth it. Really a catch 22. Just depends on goals dont you think?

I kind of agree with pump dog in that it depends on your long range goals. I will always choose my hair over a cycle which results in hair loss. Not to sound cocky but right now I can walk into a club and pick up one of the hottest girls in there almost every time I go out. I know that myself personally without hair I’m going to look like an ugly motherfucker and then it’s over. I stand at 6’0 with ripped abs at 200-205lbs all year long. What’s the point of doing some cycles to walk around at 220lbs for a few years to subsequently lose half of it some time later in life and have no hair and no ass. That 15-20lb difference isn’t going to get me laid more but no hair is going to get me laid a lot less.

Dog of Pumpness et al…

I s’pose the question (real or otherwise) could be anything. A general “If you don’t juice now, what are your reasons?”…“What do you fear the most about juicin?”…"What’s in your sock drawer, underneath the Whinnie The Pooh “Trap-Door” sleepers that you insist were “never mine, I’m just keepin them cause they’re a collectable, yeah, that’s it!”?

We could even ask why so damn few of us can masturbate with both hands (effectively and in a manner consistent with our “strong side”…let’s NOT pick up this particular tangent though, please…)

But the question was (and is)…""So, who would NOT juice just because of the fear of going bald (er?)

…no you may not change it…

The No votes so far:

Dr. D-Lo


Wideguy (I think)




tme (In a VERY convoluted manner I should add…)

The “Yes Please don’t take my beautiful hair, how will the bluehairs down at the earlybird at Denny’s mistake me for Fabio” votes so far:





The “Who knows how the fuck they’re voting let’s screw with 'Cakes question and not really answer in our answer” votes are:




“Hair has always been important”

~ Diana Ross

The same reason I don’t have a tat is the reason I would not want to lose my hair . . . it’s permanent! My tastes continue to change, so the one thing I know I’ll never want is a permanent haircut.

Plus, my head is round as a cantaloupe, so bald is very bad.

In all seriousness, my MPB freaked me out terribly. I never got over it as it took hold, and I am going fine now that I discovered propecia. I might give up a few fingers to keep my script for it if I ever had to.