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Who Cares about the Palestinians?


Dr. Sanity asks, starting off her column with an excerpt from a John Derbyshire piece in 2002:


Whining? Victimhood? Projection? Sounds like our resident Arab.



I was disgusted for a second, then shocked, now I'm just laughing between cringes. I am embarrassed for you.


Exactly what I've been trying to communicate, and nobody challenged me on it:

page 2 of www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/world_news_war/israel_give_me_a_motive?id=2715837&pageNo=1

Yes, the whining never stops for our "intelligent" internet-arab boy.


I find is ironiinc that the people who actually care the most about the Palestinians are people that the palestinians would rather see dead.
They'll happily send in suicide bombers in to Israel and then stand at the border waiting for hand outs from them.
For that matter who cares about the Palestinians? Only U.S., Europe and Egypt have expressed help and solutions for the palestinians in word and deed. The rest of the muslim world are content to sit there and watch them burn. Iran is happily sacrificing the palestinians to tickle their fantasy for genocide. But Iran won't lift a finger to help them. They'll send them weapons and then sit their and eat popcorn while they draw upon themselves the wrath of Israel...

The reality is this, the people the palestinians are claiming as their enemy is more ready, willing and able to help them...Their "friends" won't lift a finger to give them a hand.


Not as embarrassed as you should be for yourself.


Well my fly isn't low so I'm not really sure what I should be embarrassed about. Please enlighten me your eminence so I can adopt the appropriate facial expression and posture.


There are several more differences between Hong Kong and the Gaza strip.

For one: the Hong Kong coast line is not being blocked by the Israeli navy.




Why should we care about civilians, children, even babies being killed?? OK...this is sociopath-type thinking and I hope it's a troll job.


what if the civilian hates your guts and would rather see you dead than alive, what if the children are carrying ak's and would blow your head off.....what if the babies' are future suicide bombers, raised from birth to kill you......

i hear the words women and children alot to describe these "victims".....does it make me a terrible person that it doesn't strike the cord that its intended to by the media? maybe i'm a terrible person...who knows.


In other words, "WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"


japanese like scat porn
muslims like goat porn

japanese are good at math
muslims are good at blowing themselves up

I agree, there are lots of differences


Essentially, you believe that they should be killed for who they are, not what they do. Peace will never be achieved with nuts like this on both sides. Babies are legitimate targets now because they're obviously future suicide bombers? Good lord, talk about vile...I


holy shit prcaldude..im adding you to my friends list..

I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who thinks and feels this way..

simply fantastic.


Japanese? Japanese? Please tell me you are trying to make a joke about how ignorant people are about world issues.

And seriously OP what type of final solution would you suggest to the problem of Palestine?


You are among many people who feel the same way.


"Waaaaaaaaaah! The Joooos are beating up my favorite death cult!"


Oh good, so you are prepared to have an adult discussion about it then!


Again, aren't you a Christian?


I like writing outrageous things and then letting the PC crazies respond. You do not disappoint.

I don't like people who want to kill me....call me crazy.