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Thinking about it the other day, these are shipped from NZ. I understand that shipping Biotest stuff to NZ is no problem regarding customs. However, it is difficult to get the stuff from T-Nation into Australia (admittedly I have not tried). Why biotestaustralia.com (based in NZ) can ship into Oz and T-Nation (based in USA) can’t might be due to the trade agreement between Australia and NZ, which is how they 1) get around customs issues and 2) charge an arm and a leg as they have a virtual monopoly.

Solution? As USA and Australia have recently executed a free trade agreement (if I am correct), trade and customs issues between the 2 countries may have changed for the better, ie T-Nation may actually be able to send their products through to the land of Oz. This should be investigated as laws change constantly.


I’m surprised you are not aware of the relationship Australia has with NZ with regards to importation. Anyway I suspected biotestaustralia shipped from NZ. There are many reasons why he does it. It may be cheaper to ship a large shipment to NZ then offload orders to Australia as needed. Plus Australian Customs is pretty relax when it comes to imports from NZ (wink wink).

The FTA between AUS & USA means no taxes are paid on any imports and that includes supplements.

There was another thread on this issue started by rtistik. Might like to read up on that thread.

I basically have friends in the ‘know’ who are able to help me with shipping Biotest products direct from USA. So I get my products direct from Biotest to Sydney at a very good price although I have to order a minimum of 10kg per order to justify the cheap shipping rates that I get.

Anyway I’m trying to get my mate to ship over a few orders of Biotest to help out some fellow Aussies (I’ve already emailed 2 others, rtistik and Davechode on this matter) who want Biotest products at a cheap rate. At the moment my source is unreliable and he hasn’t responded to my emails so I can only wait (can’t push others to do you a favour…that’s the position I’m in).


Well it looks like Biotest is going to start shipping internationally, which is GREAT news for you guys! Perhaps my idea was not meant to be (which is OK) or maybe there will still be some sort of need once things get established. I’ll wait and see how it all works out.

In the meantime, I’m going to ship some jump ropes to a guy overseas that can’t order them himself, so if anyone needs some help along these lines, PM me and maybe we can “strike a deal” :slight_smile:

In case anybody’s still interested…

PayPal is certainly the way to go regarding international payments. Bank transfers take too long and may cost more than the PayPal fee. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to pay, only to receive.

As regards USPS, although they claim 4-6 weeks shipping on their surface mail, I have ordered many times from the US and the most I’ve had to wait was 2 weeks. Once, I received a parcel within 4 days (!!).

If T-Nation do start using USPS for international shipping, they will open up the UK/EU market. Here in England Alpha Male costs around 60 GBP, that’s $105 US, per bottle. I kid you not.