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Who Cancelled Whom

Let’s play a game.

Cancel culture has run amok, and everybody is doing it, usually without rhyme or reason.

Post 2 companies, phrases, or persons that have been canceled or an attempt was made to cancel, (one by the Left wing, one by the Right wing to keep it bipartisan) and we can guess which was canceled by the right or the left. Bonus points for why.


Scar Jo: Left b/c she didn’t play or did play a transgendered person???

Glenfiddich: Right b/c Trump tariffs and wanting to protect US whisky companies

My contribution:



Alex Jones, canceled by the Left for Sandy Hook (I think?), But could have been countless other things.

Soleimani. Trick question. Publicly canceled by the right, but the soldier who guided the missile was a flamingly gay, DADT lefty! (I may or may not have made that up, but it could be true).

*Glenfiditch actually canceled by the right (trump) because they named a farmer who refused to sell his land to DJT for a golf course, the Scotsman of the Year.


Here’s an odd one for you, I just saw this article and thought of this thread.

A guy named Lorne Grabher had his personalized licence plate with his last name revoked after 30 years because someone saw it and though it had to do with Trump’s pussy-grabbing comments. He is now appealing.