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Who can beat BUSH in '04???


Maybe General Wesley Clark will run for president. Now there is a decorated military man with intelligence, charisma, and COURAGE. I would love to see our current chicken-hawk president try to debate with THIS guy! I think it would be a serious case of biting off more than he could chew. Bush would probaby avoid debating him publically though, which would be the smart thing to do.

Clark is a true philosopher/politician, and probably the only person I could see having a chance to beat Bush. I don't even know if he would run as dem or repub, but either ticket he would choose, I would vote for him in a hot second! Here is some further info on Clark:


If Clark runs...it will be as a Democrat. This is one time I would vote Democrat. He would be a formidable challenge to Bush. No question about it.



How do you know he would run as a democrat? Only because nobody but bush would get republican nomination? Or has he said something?


"General Clark is a 1966 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, where he graduated first in his class."


First off, getting into West Point is like walking through Hell and back. Graduating first in his class?!?!? Now thats doing it barefoot with your testicles strapped to the bottom of your feet.


I'd vote Nader if I were American. Only one person even close to Canada's government would even consider doing anything about the bloody "free trade" agreements.


BTW I fail to understand what all that military stuff has to do with state policy. Maybe it has something to do with his image & looking cool to the American violence-glorifying crowd, but very little to do with state policy. However I'd take anybody over Bush any day.


Not in '04 but in '08 I would defiantely like to see Condoleeza Rice over Hillary Clinton anyday.


Carol Mosley Braun- America is not ready for a black female president... yet.

Al Sharpton- America is not ready for a black president... yet. Sharpton has a reputation as a loose cannon. As an aside I can tell you that he is very good on local issues, as a New Yorker. Except for the Tawanna Brawley (sp?) case, he has seemed reasonable to me.

Dennis Kucinich- Has some interesting ideas, and I admire his aggressive style. I think he is a little too abrasive for the average American, and will get tarred with the dreaded "S" label (socialist) even though he is just a liberal. But everything is skewed so far to the right wing now, that if you are a moderate the right calls you Liberal, and if you are a liberal the right calls you a socialist.

Dick Gephardt- Can win. Looks good on camera (lets face it this is huge nowadays) and is moderate and doesn't scare any grandmas. Too close to Republican for my tastes, however "Anybody But Bush" in 2004.

Bob Graham- Seems good, moderate, smart, able to draw bipartisan support, agressively going after Bush, a southerner. However, he is a bit stodgey on camera. Being boring will lose you the election, look at Al Gore.

Howard Dean- My money is on him. He has good ideas, he is an outsider to washington politics, he has good presence, and I would love to see him square off against Bush in a debate. Then again, almost anybody could do well in a debate against Bush. In 2004 I believe there will only be one or two presidential debates, which is what Bush wanted. He does not want to put himself up against any scrutiny or criticism, he can't withstand it, in my opinion.

Leiberman- America is not ready for a Jewish president... yet. Hell, they weren't ready for a Jewish Vice President in 2000. I hate to say it but Lieberman is one reason Gore didn't trounce Bush as he should have. Lieberman is also incredibly boring. Plus, he is close to republican on many issues. And lets not replace the current religious fundamentalist with another religious fundamentalist.

John Kerry- Moderate enough to win, can compare favorably on defense and military issues. He is a little bit boring as far as personal presence. Lets face it, America wants a president who looks good and sounds good. That has been true for decades now.

I know I am forgetting someone...


Dean: is too uptight and intense..he acts like he needs lower colonic therapy...a good ol mineral oil enema would do him just fine!

Sharpton: he has a cool ducktail..thats about it...plus..even though I am a Christian...I don't like the idea of a preacher running for office. And how can he rationalize abortion?..a dem issue.

Gephart: he has no eyebrows. If he works on that..he might have a chance..

Lieberman: Huckleberry hound..thats who he reminds me of when he talks.

And yes...Clark would run as a democrat.


Lumpy, Mosely Braun is a bleeding heart liberal. As is Dean. Dean is an idiot. he was on meet the press a couple of weeks ago. Tim Russert asked him about something he said and an apology he had made. Dean said I never apologized for that. And then Russert read his quote where he specifically said im sorry for whatever it was. Then Dean says that wasnt an apology. Since when is saying you are sorry not an apology? I was taught that it was. When did that definition change? Everytime i hear these Liberals talk, I want to throw up. Liberalism is not the way to prosperity. Liberals want you to have to be dependant on them so you have to keep electing them inorder to keep your entitlements. Its a shame really. A great analogy here is that on our next test in class we are going to take points away from the better students and give them to the lower students so things can be more equal. That should make things fair. And the good student should be happy to do this because they should want to help their fellow student.


Clark, maybe a great military man but a politican there is no proven record he be a great chief of staff canidate. But not for president. I hate to admit Hiliary Clinton has a better track record in politics then this guy.


Sounds like a smart guy.

Hitler was in the military, you know. :wink:

Ariel Sharon.

Huan Peron.

Augusta Pinochet.

Mao Tse Tsung.

I think Stalin was in the military, too.


Although... If the Europeans like him, it would definitely be good for America to have him in power. I like the "Philosophy" part of his Masters degree. Probably means he isn't a dogmatic, brainwashed, religious bigot.


I would LOVE to see Howard Dean win the Democratic nomination -- because that would sign, seal and deliver a second Bush term. Dean's got a liberal track record, and a bunch of very liberal quotes that will be handy for adds. While his liberal policies will excite liberal primary voters, he will alienate the swing voters and the non-Nader independents, which will make it a Reagan v. Mondale for the new century.


I like bostonbarrister. hes on the right track. I think if Hilary runs in 08 then the republicans need to run either JC Watts or Condeleeza Rice. I would vote for either one over many of the republicans that might run. I bet JC Watts and Condeleeza Rice make people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton sick. When the democratic primaries come around i want to vote for Sharpton. Best joke ever!


Goldberg and bostonbarrier have it all right.

I fully agree on sharpton and dean. No way dean could do it, he is too far to the left on some issues and actually on the right on some others (typical vermont type). People vote for middle ground, not the ends.

Sharpton is just left left left, and almost all of his past record is horrible. Just look at some of the statements he has made over the last 15 years.. He is like the worst parts of jesse jackson except without the high level strongarm tactic skills..

I would love to see someone like jc watts or ms rice run. What tactics could dems use against them? lolol


Bill Clinton could win in a walk, adn all he'd need is one ad:

"This dumbshit's daddy invaded Iraq but didn't get rid of Saddam, and totally hosed up the economy. Remember "It's the economy, stupid"? It took me awhile, but I got things turned around and got this great country back on track.

"Now along comes dumbass JR. He invades Iraq, can't get rid of Saddam, and screws the economy up worse than daddy. Thanks to my experience cleaning up after Bush I, I'm confident that I can help us recover from Bush II even faster. Thank you."


How bout hey Im bill clinton and i lucked up and rode an economic boom. It had nothing to do with me but ill take credit for it all day. Oh yeah during this time taxes rose to an all time high. Have a nice day.



You've got a great point! But was it really Bill or was it Hillary doing all the work. What I want to know is why aren't we ready for a women president?(Oh my gosh, I think I just blew my cover...Oh well!!)


I say TC can do it, if all you canadians on here come down and vote...