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Who Builds Axels on This Site?


I remember someone said that they built axels for about $70 shipped. I looked around the site, even used the search function, but could not find the information. Anybody remember who it is?


Here you go.



Great, thanks!


contact steve slater


This is a great deal and is perfect for upper body movement or clean and press. If you are going to do a lot of heavy deadlifting with the axle (over 500 lbs) then you may want to look at purchasing a solid 2" bar or one with heavier sidewalls.


BIGG DOGG STRONGG is the only equipment to get. buy nice, don't buy twice.


i just went to home depot and got a 1.5" galvanized pipe cut to 7ft. a friend has had one for years that has held up beautifully. just last week some of the strong guys were dropping 350 from a locked out overhead and the bar held up fine. the bar cost likes 20 bucks. throw in collars to help keep the weights place for a few bucks more and its a steal IMO.


this is what i did, works perfect for anything under 400, probably more but i havent gotten that high on it haha