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Who bought EAS from Phillips?

Who bough EAS from Bill? If it is a group what else do they own anyone know?

I did their creatine back in 96 was the best quality I have used.

I did!!! Bwaa and I am riucher than hell, have a Ferrari and always and telling my homie to fire up the jet! Seriously, a venture capital company called North Castle Partners. They own many other nutrition companies and a small pharmaceutical company. They have offices in San Fran and Greenwich, CT. Businessmen esentially.

Why did Bill Phillips sell EAS? I think he still owns like 30% though.

I would imagine Bill sold EAS because, without getting too far into it, he no longer needed it.

With all of the money coming in from BFL projects and the newly commercial Muscle Media, he likely figured it was more worthwhile to allow the company to be run by those who would take a greater interest in making it progress.

If he did indeed keep 30%, then basically it was a great business decision, because he made a shitload from the other 70%, and just keeps making money on what he has left over without even doing anything.

Bill sold EAS to become a rich, rich man.

Well,here’s my take on it.I get this idea from none other than Bill himself.He never told me, but made a statement like this a few years back. It was in regards to the owner of Cybergenics. He talked about this company making waves in the supplement industry, selling millions of dollars worth of product, then the owner got out before the company lost the top spot, which soon followed. Hmmmmmm,sounds familiar. Only Bill uses the great excuse that he wanted to focus on his book. I was a huge fan of EAS, and still believe they have good quality. As for innovation, (what Phillips claimed EAS was all about),I think they’re a joke. I hope the Biotest line continues its track record,as it’s leaving the rest behind. Lets hope they don’t bail on their ideals.Any comments from T-Mag / Biotest crew?

You couldn’t be more wrong. Bill could keep EAS and the work of running it or cash out. He did the later and got a HUGE sum of money. (were talking the 100 million range) As far as “EAS falling” well that’s also way off. They are still high quality and outsell every sports supplement company 100 to 1. I do agree that Biotest is more inovative however…

I was using that comparison more on the idea of innovation.Yes,they sell way more products.Great advertising,smart marketing. But they haven’t had a great idea since…their only great idea was creatine.