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Who believes that creatine adds a pouch to your midsection? If so, why? If not, why?


Ok, if i take creatine I am definetly getting some subcutaneous water retention particularly on the gut round the belly button. Its similar to if I have eaten lots of sodium loaded foods like pizza. I tend to notice this if I took a tape measure to my waist too and I'm pretty lean under 9% fat and over 250lbs maybe leaner than that and monitor calories strictly.

Before anyone flames this thread...ive heard from a fair few guys who experienced the same phenomenom. There was a valid reason to do with sodium metabolism but I don't know where the info is, will look.


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Pouch, like a kangaroo? No way.


Oh yeah, there is some argument that impurities in the Creatine can cause this water retention too, namely dicyandiamide and dihydrotriazine. Not too sure myself.


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Like a marsupial?


Think he is talking about subcutaneous water retention besides the cell volumising from hydration effect.


When I used to use creatine by the truckload, I achieved the leanest bf of my life, somewhere around 7%, with a real pretty six-pack.

Didn't you know, it's all McDonald's fault that everyone's fat?


Subcutaneous water retention implies electolyte imbalance, not creatine use.


Like I said, dicyandiamide and dihydrotriazine in this case are thought to effect electrolyte levels. Most of the 'evidence' behind this centres on the alleged cramping that seems to effect runners and other athletes rather than bodybuilders.

To the rest of the posters, I think this is a valid post, maybe not in the word 'pouch' but dunno why all the fuckin stupid answers. There are people with Ph.D's and other advanced degrees using worse terminology.