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Who Believes?


It seems that there have been alot of discussions on evolution/creation lately and it also seems that the majority of T-Nation leans towards evolution.

I'm not interested in a debate of who's right or wrong I'm just interested in who believes that God created us and his son Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins so that if we believe in Him and trust in Him for salvation that you will go to heaven.

Just curious.



I absolutely believe that.




Agreed. For some reason, this seems to really piss off some evolutionists who want to hold to the idea that anyone who does believe in God is an idiot who can not compare to their massive intellect.


It would be my guess that in most cases the anger is misdirected. Its not you as an individual believer but the belivers like Rev. Phelps and Rudolph in the extremes. While guys like them are rare alot of non-religious people kinda blame religion in general. Which is not fair.

Also the religious politicians who try to force there beliefs on the rest of us. I am happy for all of you who believe. I still think a blastocyst is a lump of cells and can be aborted or used in research, and gays should be given all the rights any other law abiding citizen has.

I believe in seperation of church and state. Without it you cant have a country where people of all faiths or no faith can live free.


Christianity is taken from greek/roman mythology, so no, I don't believe in it. I don't believe there was a guy who kicked it in bethleham and turned water in to wine and had 12 homeboys who did his bidding. To me that's just silly. I do believe in God though.


I'm sitting on the fence... but when I get old I'm going to convert to catholicism and confess, just in case.


I believe that, absolutely.

Evolution and Creation are not contradictions in my opinion. Additionally, for me personally the evidence in support for Christianity is overwhelming.


bwahahaha pookie that image sums up my feelings towards the hereafter exactly . I would love to share THAT and similar images to loved ones and friends. Where can T-Brethren get such funny stuff? gawd-bless


I would like to believe in something like that, unfortunately I can?t.


For some reason, evolution seems to really piss off some believers who want to hold to the idea that anyone who does not believe in God is an idiot who can not see the obvious truth of the Bible.


Now, there's something I can believe!


Thats a cool idea about Christianity being taken from the Greek/Roman thing. Got any sources?


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My faith is not something that should piss people off - but it does. Why is that?

On the flip side - why is it that peoples' disbelief enrages others?

FS's question was pretty much a yes, or no. And I think we got through...what...2 posts before the commentary started?

Oh well - it is something I have never figured out. I guess it has always been that way. Why would anything change now? As 'enlightened' as we have become, we still fight over the same basic shit. Oh - we have fancier, more scientific terms ot use now, but it's still the same fight.


I believe this...


I am trying to get to a point where other peoples beliefs don?t bother me anymore. Not quite there yet.

The strange thing is other people?s beliefs still matter to me, because they have things like "laws", "government", the needs of "society" and what not, and they try to force their beliefs down my throat with them. Me don?t like that.


I absolutely believe. And for those who do not, here is an interesting thought. If I am wrong, and I go through life believing in Christ and his sacrifice on the cross for my sins but in the end we just die and go nowhere, oh well. But if I am right, and nonbelievers are doomed to an eternity in separation from their Creator, what a big mistake it would have been to not believe. At least give it some thought all you nonbelievers. Believing does not mean you are a stupid, mindless, automaton. Give it a shot and enter with an open mind and heart.


I knowingly threw in some commentary because I think this is a decent topic. I thought "yes or no" was pretty boring. My bad.