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who beats who?

situation-going back to school where my fraternity house has a full time chef that cooks from 9am-6pm or so. feeds 43 men this semester. as you can assume its not the greatest food for “us” but i will attempt to do my best to get sufficient amounts of protein at all costs.

question?- in terms of bare-minimum, should i attempt to up the protein with some grow or LCgrow, or go with surge? never tried surge so im a little reluctant but i wanted to run it through you people since i know that surge has had such a great acceptance. thanx for your time, rob h

I’d say supplement with Grow or the equivalent if you’re concerned with not meeting your protein needs.

Consider protein supplements a basic food; a necessity if you can’t get it from solid food.

Surge can wait.

Honestly, I think it’s a toss-up. Personally, I would choose Surge over a protein supp simply because you can always eat more protein through your daily regular food intake. Whereas it would be difficult (if not impossible) to replicate the effects of Surge using just food.

Still, if you’re not getting enough protein each day, that should be your priority. So I guess my answer would be: see if there’s any way at all that you can get your protein through food, and if it’s ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE in your situation, then get some Grow. However, if you can get enough protein in your daily diet, then go with Surge.

Or you could go with the Protein and make your own PWO drink until you can afford the Surge. It won’t have that great Surge taste but you can make due until you ask for some at Christmas!