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Who Are Your Top 5 MMA Heavyweights?


My top 5

  1. Cormier (beat Nelson, Mir, Barnett,Hendo, Johnson x2, Gustafsson, Miocic)
  2. Miocic (beat Nelson, Hunt, Ngannou, Overeem, Werdum, JDS)
  3. Dos Santos (beat Nelson, Mir, Carwin, Cro Cop, Hunt, Velasquez, Werdum, Miocic)
  4. Werdum (beat Nelson, Hunt, Overeem,Noguiera, Velasquez, Fedor)
  5. Velasquez (beat Lesnar, Noguiera and JDS twice )

Velasquez brutalising JDS twice really screws up the rankings. JDS has a way better resume than Velasquez and not only beat him but he beat the guy who beat him (Werdum). If JDS won 2 out of 3 fights I would have put Fedor in 5th place.

  1. Dylan
  2. Dylan
  3. Dylan
  4. Dylan
  5. Dylan

Cause he spits hot fire!


In my opinion Prime Fedor is not as good as people say- Werdum and JDS both have better resumes and Miocic beat both JDS and Werdum. As much as I hate to admit it Jones is still better than DC.

  1. Jones
  2. DC
  3. Miocic
  4. JDS
  5. Werdum

Ronki man Jones is LHW.

Jones is not better than DC in my opinion. He has beaten DC twice. Correct but he also uses PEDS. Which I don’t care about. Let them all juice but considering DC has very likely never juiced in his life I think it makes it unfair to compare DC and Jones without taking that little caveat into consideration.

Also DC and Jones competing at heavy weight could be a completely different thing.

Dylan still smokes them all though. Cause he spits hot fire.