Who are your favorite strength coach?

When it comes to improve your knowledge about training and even nutrition, who do you like for further information?

I have been to a bunch of seminars (Charles Poliquin, Eric Serrano, Ian King, John Berardi), read a lot of books and articles on the subject. I would just apreciate your input on who you like and who you would recommend, either as reading material or seminars.

Staley, Poliquin, and Bill Starr. CW is great too.

Interesting enough for a bump…

Thib and Waterbury.

Defranco and Thib…

and you always have to thank Poliquin and Simmons/Tate

To tell you the truth i have never consulted a strength coach. So, i really dont have anyone specific i would recommend. I think strength coaches are extremely important in football and physical sports, but not crucial for weight lifting. You learn to lift through trial and error and asking others for advice, not someone telling you what to do. Dont get me wrong though…strength coaches are very intelligent people. I just dont know how important they are for the typical lifter.

Chad Waterbury, Christian Thibaudeau, Louie Simmon, Pavel Tatsouline, mike mahler, Mel Siff, the list goes on and on…These are all awesome coaches!

cwick has got a point and i would have to agree, having said that CW and CT have given some great advice and written some great articles


kev rice and the mule

The King

Ian King

Davies and The Beast are pretty damn sharp too.

For my diet genius, I refer to John Berardi.

Not in any order: Charles Staley, Pavel Tsatsouline, Brooks Kubick, Christian Thibaudeau, Coach Davies, Charles Poiquin, Coach Scott Sonnon, Kim Wood, Ken Leistner, and Louie Simmons.

Richard Simmons

Christian Thibaudeau

Tom Myslinski, Joe Kenn, John Davies, Charlie Francis, Louie Simmons and the WSB crew, Christian Thibaudeau.

Basically anyone who challenges me and makes me uncomfortable.

The greatest strength coach who ever lived: Bob Hoffman!

John Basedow

Favorite: Joe DeFranco

DB Hammer, Charlie Francis, John Davies, CT, and JB in no particular order. One thing I do know for a fact is that Charles Staley is a fraud! He plagiarized Francis’s vertical integration and published the article on this site!

This is just so darn tough… but I really like Pavel T. and all of the contributors to T-Mag seem to have something to offer (okay, major suck-up time, where’s my T-shirt!)

Authors of books I have that I really like (sp?):

Kubik, McCallum, Dreschler, Starr