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Who Are Your Favorite Fitness Gurus?


I thought it'd be interesting to find out who you trust in the fitness industry and where you like to get your new info. I just wrote a blog naming three of my current favs (3 out of the many I trust). So check it out and leave a comment if you like.



Please quit spamming the forums with links to your blogs. (This was the second link of two of your posts I just opened.)

My answer, of course, is Daniel Duchaine.


Spamming? I put up three to get insight on them and to keep the discussion itself on T-Nation.


In my opinion one of the best fitness gurus around is Charles Glass, his methodology is unusualy and hits muscles how they should be hit. His methods are hardcore but at the same time they are safe, taking injury out of the equation


Louie Simmons, Sebastian Burns, and Tommy Fannon lol


Someone else said Louie Simmons in a comment.. I've never heard of him.. well I haven't heard of a lot of these people haha.. But that's exactly why I posted this, so I could fan out and gain knowledge from more sources


He's one of the most important coaches of all time.


Yeah I bet


A very important lesson I learned from Tommy is to stay upwind of him after he's consumed a protein shake. Very important indeed.


Haha see, I'm already learning a lot.


I gotta tell you though, Tommy gives quality advice on most things. He's a smart chap. His down fall might be that he doesn't always take his own advice though.


Dan John
Art DeVaney


Dan John
Christian Thibaudeau
Dave Tate


My favorite 'gurus' are those that seek results before methods.

PS. I understand why you would ask about gurus if you don't know about Louie Simmons.


Christian Thibaudeau(Thibs),
Chad Waterbury and
Ian King (Would like him to start writing articles for T-Nation again)


Louie Simmons, Pavel Tsatsouline and Charles Poliquin.


You mean his PWO Miller Lite?

When did you train with him?


Jason Ferruggia
Dave Tate
Tony Gentilcore


Charles Staley
Lonnie Lowery


nobody like mackie shilstone?cmon the guy took michael spinks from 175 to rock solid 210,riddick bowe from 275 to 235,helped roy jones gain 25 lean lbs