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Who Are Your Favorite Athletes?

Who are some of your favorite athletes and why?

I guess for me, at the very top, it would have to be Paul Anderson. Strong legs.

I like Pacquiao because I’m Philipino and he has the kind of fighting style I like.

Brock Lesnar because he stormed MMA and dominated it with minimal MMA training, even though his domination was very short-lived.

Doug Hepburn because he’s the strongest drug-free lifter of all time. I don’t know if you all can believe it but the dude had a 500-pound bench… I believe it myself because I don’t think his biography was a propaganda and the dude had insane pressing genetics, the same way Paul Anderson had insane squatting genetics.

I gained mad respect for Ronnie Coleman when I watched the documentary about him on Netflix. He was an achiever since birth. If I end up with a child, I want my child to emulate Ronnie Coleman’s work ethic.

Lee Haney because he’s aesthetic as heck.

Tom Platz because of great legs.

Mike Tyson because he was a stocky heavyweight. I think at my peak as an amateur boxer, assuming I lose my weight and train consistently to get there, I’m gonna have his body type.

Vitor Belfort because he represents what I consider to be peak alpha in a fighting ring. In his young prime, of course. Great boxer and great physique.

A bunch of super-heavyweight Olympic lifters. Too many to name, but basically, if you compete in the Olympics and your Clean and Jerk is in the 550-pound to 600-pound range, I’m your biggest fan.

Old-school Bulgarian weightlifters trained under Abadjiev.

Kirk Karwoski. The dude was a monster. 1000-pound squat for two reps is unreal.

Ed Coan because he’s a legend. And I have his height. lol

Buakaw Banchamek, obviously for his status as a Muay Thai legend, but also for the fact that he doesn’t look emaciated for doing distance-running as part of his training.


I’m mentioning due to athletic ability. Not sporting skill. There might be better sports people but not better athletes.

I’m a rugby nut and there are a few guys I really rate:
Jonny Wilkinson - redefined the fly half role. Especially in defence.
Courtney Lawes is a monster player and all round total athlete.
A few others that I just love due to their total commitment:
Lewis Moody, Johno, Botha, Matfeild. Tom Wood.

Always had a soft spot for Randy Coulter. Never going to finish a fight. But had an engine on him and was a fighter.

In strength training:
Eddie Hall is entertaining.
Thor is amazing. Markus Felix is still going strong at 50 something.
But Big Z is the greatest of all time.

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Bryan Habana, Bakkies Botha
Caroline Wozniacki
Santi Cazorla
Dale Steyn

Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates, and Muhammad Ali, I’d say.

No explanation needed!

Magnus Ver Magnusson was my fav Strongman in the early to mid 90s, probably not the strongest of all time, but a great all rounder, consistent and driven.
Jerry Pritchett has been my fav strongman this last few years, one of the greatest deadlifters of all time, very good strongman and still works a full time job while competing at a top level.

K1 legend Andy Hug, dat axe kick! Very strong guy too, loved the Kyokuskin style, he passed away too soon.

In bodybuilding Milos Sarcev, very pleasing physique…still. truely the thinking mans bodybuilder.
Tom Platz, wasnt a fan of his physique, but his intensity was/is something else.

John Brzenk, recognised as the GOAT of arm wrestling, not the biggest guy but technically brilliant. Travis Bagent would be my fav though, great showman and AWer, and has the tools to back up his trash talk.

Derek Poundstone.


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Are you, really? :thinking:

The man was an animal.
I love it. Totally unsuited for today’s overly sanitized games. But a legend. Him and Matfeild. Amazing.

Boks seem to always have a beast in that mold. Etzebeth is maybe as mean, and probably a better player, but Bakkies was just such a pure example of an old school fuck you tight forward.
I was a full back, and waiting for an up and under with that sonovabitch coming at you would be my worst nightmare!

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Yeah. I lived there for the first 13 years of my life.

These guys are good.


Dude has some serious calves!


That’s funny… cause no one from the Philippines spells Filipino as Philippino.

I’m also one of the rare people in the world who merely says “Philippines” instead of “THE Philippines”.

Dude, I’m from Philippines. I’m simply an English snob who wants precision. I have grammar and spelling pet peeves. For example, I hate the job title “Personal Trainer”. I always wanna call them Fitness Trainers because I feel it’s more accurate.

Paano ko ba mapapatunayan na Pinoy ako?

Do you know what that means?

Oooooooh singlets. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Can’t tell who that is - is it Cael Sanderson?

Which one?

Pic 1. Rulon Gardner and Alexander Karelin

Pic 2. Mark Angle

Pic 3. Wilfried Dietrich.

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Personal Favorite Athletes:

Andre Arlovski (sic): Heavyweight UFC from awhile ago
Anderson Silva: MMA
Patrick Kane: Chicago Blackhawks
Jonah Lomu: New Zealand All Blacks
Reggie White “The Minister of Defense”: Green Bay Packers

Football has cheerleaders, but we had mat maids!

Like Valkyrie with oranges!

The first great athlete I was exposed to playing in my life time was Randy Moss. It seemed like the ball could be thrown into about a 30’ radius and he would come down with it. Diving catches at full sprint. If the ball was sailing in the air we had a 50/50 Randy would get it. He also “mooned” the packer fans, so that wins points with me.

I remember seeing a video about him winning gold and how he had been training to win for his dead father. Pretty awesome dude.

The scariest and most dominant MMA fighter IMO. He seemed like a god in the ring for like 8 years. Completely fearless. I think GSP had better strategy, but Silva was just damn impressive.

Shoutout to Bo Jackson. That dude was about as freaky as they come. I think he could have been a top level pro in all the popular team sports if he had wanted to. I can’t imagine the KO compilation we would have if he had done MMA. Dude had explosive power for days.

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Agreed GSP is impressive as a physical specimen and fighter, but The Spider just had a style all his own that was damn hard to beat.

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