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Who Are Your Favorite Actors?

Just watched the Joker movie this weekend. IMO, Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best actors. I also just watched the movie Her, and his acting was excellent.

I didn’t pay much attention to him for a while, because I hated the guy because of his role as Commodus in Gladiator, but I have come to realize my hate for him as a person was because of his perfection of playing that role.

I just think when I watch a movie with him in it, the character is so believable. You feel like you know the character.

Who are your favorites?


After watching the movie, I pictured all the other Hollywood thespians with Oscar-driven movies coming out this year begging the studios to release them after the Oscars lol.


For actors who actually act, mine would be:

Robert Deniro
Denzel Washington
Gary Oldman
Chow Yun Fat
Dr Strange
John Travolta (yeah, seriously. His last film doesn’t count)

For actors whose onscreen personas I like watching, it would be:

Charles Bronson
Bruce Willis
Tom Cruise
Takeshi Kitano


I get that with Adrian Brody.

I think some actors can convey a sense of relatability that you don’t get from Bruce Willis playing Bruce Willis in “Another Great Movie!”.


I’m a film snob and I don’t like character flaws in my movies, so obviously Steven Seagal tops my list.


Damn, I get that with Snoop Dog.


I’ll typically watch movies with the below, just because they’re in it.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Christian Bale
Joaquin Phoenix
Olivia Munn

Because of her acting ability, right?

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Gary Oldman is pretty great. Can play lots of roles. Denzel is also very good. You get both in the Book of Eli. I am not very religious, but that movie is bad a$$.

Deniro is very good. I think he was excellent in Joker.

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I’ll second Christian Bale. Ed Norton, would be added to a list if I was making one as well.

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You’re out of the Anna Kendrick fan club.



Thats the cutest gif I’ve ever seen!

… I’m pretty sure everyone on TNation knows that I have a mural of Anna and me together. I’ll see you at the next club meeting.

I’ll ALWAYS watch movies with her in it.

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How I feel about Anna Kendrick



Is there a button that’s the opposite of the like button?


I used to love Edward Norton then I stopped, around the time Hulk came out…

Was it the breathwork he was doing? I loled at that scene.

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LMAO! I’m still not over this.

Cate Blanchett and Gary Oldman.


Woody Harrelson
Bill Murray


Brad Pitt. Kinda surprised nobody has mentioned him. Fury and Inglorious Basterds were awesome.

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Samuel L. Jackson… Mic drop…