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Who Are You? Yeah, I Really Wanna Know


My user name is a snowboard reference. My board is a 162 Booter. I use the old Switch click in bindings.

I lost my wedding ring in Lake Coeur 'd Alene. And I got it back.

I have two bikes, a 1984 Mongoose and a '77 Mongoose. I also have a '78 Cook Bros frame. It’s in new condition but I’m too poor to build it. The parts to properly build would probably cost 3 grand.

In my 40s I had to concentrate to not limp while walking. In my 50s I’m faster than I was in my 20s. In my 20s I was a college track athlete.

I’ve had some decent athletic success in a bunch of sh$# nobody cares about:

  • In a racquet ball tournament I was runner up in the A division playing right handed and I was champion in the same tournament playing left handed in the B division. I imagine I burned 30,000 calories that weekend.

  • I’m a national champion long jumper. I actually suck at long jump though.

  • I’m sure I could post the top mark in the world in the pole vault for old men over 50 if I could just get over plantar fasciitis. (not an achievement, just saying)

  • At 50+ I’m an impact player in a competitive 18 and over baseball league.

My wife & I had our daughter, naturally, when we were 45 years old.

I used to raise exotic parrots.

I’m an 05er and yes I miss SAMA too.


I love the older crowd who are well versed in forum lore. I’ve read hours of posts through the years. First coming around back in 2010 when I was just a wee lad. This place really was like the wild west back then haha. Contrary to what some may say the forum is certainly not the same.

I really do wonder what happened to all those posters. Houstonguy used to crack me up. But so many of them did. But hey at least of few of you old folk still around kicking it.


What the heck. I’ll play:

Things about me:

  • I was an elite level…MATHLETE in junior high and high school (I won a bunch of math contests)

  • like @Basement_Gainz, I wrestled in high school and still miss that. Great sport. Qualifying for the state tournament as a high school senior remains one of my proudest moments - not because it’s the biggest thing I achieved in life, but it was one of the things I had to work the hardest to earn.

  • I played four years of varsity college football for a school that most often inspires the response “Wow, I didn’t know they had a football team” even among people who live within the same metropolitan area

  • despite the lack of notoriety, we had a very good run during my time there, and as an offensive lineman I was proud to block for two straight seasons where we ground out two 1,000 yard rushers (the good old days, when men were men and you won the game by running the ball - we actually won a few games with zero pass completions).

  • Also, for anyone reading, division 3 football IS a more competitive than you think. Some people seem to think it’s basicallt a club sport that meets once or twice a week and plays games on a lark. That’s not true at all. We have a full time coaching staff, a full practice schedule, and all that. We’re just like smaller. slower and more academically inclined Division 1 players!

  • I spent a couple years after college totally away from the weights and training for long distance races, including one full marathon & about a dozen half marathons

  • eventually decided that I just liked lifting better (& found it more sustainable as a long term fitness pursuit) so here I am puttering away doing squats and deadlifts in my garage

  • I’ve been featured for my weightlifting prowess in…the AmStat News (semi-serious tip: if you’re trying to make a bit of a name for yourself in a professional circle, having a different hobby can actually be a very effective tool to that end; people who know me from twitter are often asking me at professional meetings “oh, you’re the guy who deadlifts like a million pounds”)

  • I am a professor of medicine and biostatistics who mostly works on the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials in medicine

  • I met my wife at a yoga studio 5 years ago, and got married 2 years ago after a couple years of long-distance dating and engagement.

  • she’s also a tough gal, and has started squatting and deadlifting again less than 2 months after pumping out a 9 pound baby

  • most recently, we have added a little boy to our household, and right now he’s just a little smiley giggly dude


A few odd facts about me:

  • I was homeschooled until I was 14. At 15, I was allowed to attend Community College. I got a full ride scholarship to attend.
  • I didn’t go to a university at 14 because I wanted to play professional baseball and I wasn’t quite good enough to play university baseball at 14 :wink:
  • I played four sports in HS
  • I tore both hamstrings in HS - which I attribute to growing too fast.
  • I graduated HS with multiple associates degrees and transferred to play baseball
  • I woke up one morning, in December, before my freshman year of baseball and realized I couldn’t see out of my left eye. I didn’t tell anyone and 4 years later my GF, at the time wife now, realized I couldn’t see well while driving at night.
  • I spent 3 years with a misdiagnosed eye disorder before being (misdiagnosed again) referred to a specialist. During the last year of those three years, I was not allowed to drive at night due to my lack of vision acuity.
  • I have a great job that I love… but, I don’t tell my clients how old I am, because no one in their right mind would let a 28 (now) y/o do what I do. I grew a stupid beard 2 years ago to make myself look older.
  • despite being semi-seriously lifting for 12 years, I’ve never actually achieved my goal of being lean enough for a visible six pack.
  • I can eat way too much food without feeling hungry. Also, I’ve realized my coping mechanism for stress is eating a pint of ice cream. I started this in college.
  • I’ve been homeless several times. Actually, it’s how I paid for college.
  • I ride goofy and push mongoose. But I was much better when I weighed less than 200lbs. Last time I tried to Ollie, I landed and snapped the board in half.


Pssst I’d strike you out.


Ok, I’m 35, going to be 36 in a couple weeks. Live in New England - Southcoast Massachusetts along Buzzards Bay. I’m building a vegetable garden to meet most of my families needs (this is one of my hobbies). Just getting back into playing ice hockey (played in high school). My professional title is Business Insights Consultant - basically business analyst for a retail pharmacy which has been interested so far.

I grew up mostly in California, on the outskirts of the Mojave Desert and moved back East when I was 12. After high school, I joined the Air Force and spent about the next 8 years or so away from the area and mostly lived in the South (SC, MS, FL) and a year in South Korea. Another ‘hobby’ is travel with my wife, and now son (he’s been to Maine so far) and we’re thinking of a trip to southern Portugal and south of Spain (possibly) next year.

I’m attempting to (slowly) learn piano as a challenge on top of learning Python programming language (mostly for professional purposes) and work on improving my cooking skills (I enjoy cooking quite a bit and as an added bonus I get to eat delicious food at the end).

I don’t watch much tv aside from Better Call Saul, NFL and College (if it’s a good game) football and some hockey, and American Ninja Warrior (been watching that for years).

For music, I mainly listen to metal (mostly prog stuff: Dream Theater, Opeth, Maiden, Metallica), classical, hard rock (big Queens of the Stone Age fan), classic rock, blues(y) stuff. I abhor pop but begrudgingly listen to it when my wife REALLY wants to.

I’m sure there’s more but that’s about it for now…


Sure sometimes, but sometimes not.


You couldn’t see out your eye and didn’t mention it to anyone for 4 years?


I am…

I’M!..I’m 23. Got married rather young. @Powerpuff wants my Glutes…I mean I told her she can have them lol.

My name is Mearra. (Mee-Ar-Ruh) lol

I’m a bit quiet, reserved, still figuring out life, tending firm in my faith…all that Jazz. Favorite color is purple. Currently in school. Going to do something in the med field, although I keep going back and forth between what major I want, but I’ll figure it out. I value friendship, which is why I have no friends lol.

I’ve done a lot of growing up and realizing things about myself, my place here on earth/my roles, and I find I’ve been put here to enjoy life, and make life enjoyable for others the best that I can.

I’m rather optimistic and kind hearted. Patient, and understanding. I have a soft voice, but I also have a raging temper, that I’ve worked on throughout the years. Kind of. I’m a Taurus, but I really don’t think people can tell.

I’m a small spec, within a giant universe, but loved unconditionally, and deemed important by the Man upstairs, so I try not to take myself too seriously.

I’m goofy.

Westside for life!!! Woot! Woot!

Uhhh…well I guess to know more you’d just have to meet me. Which I’m cool with. Lol


Some times the fear of finding out what’s wrong is worse than ignoring it.

It all worked out anyways… when I finally addressed it here was a trial procedure to fix it, which I took part in. Previously, there wasn’t a good solution.


I try to surround myself IRL with ppl who display the same attributes as you do. Can’t see why you wouldn’t have friends, I would have thought you to have many of them. Nice that you’re spiritually minded also.


That’s nice you married your college sweetheart. Colorado would be a beautiful place to stay. So true about the black licorice, we are strongly judged, can confirm, I still prefer red licorice though. You’re an interesting poster Puff, anyone who can keep my interest for longer than a minute is also highly valued by me, lol.


That’s good to hear. Were you playing college ball with one eye?


I don’t mean to hijack the thread or anything but I would like to give my two cents about licorice. The finest red licorice in the world is nothing more than gratuitous candy. No better than a jolly rancher. Quality black licorice is a product of craftsmanship. There’s no comparison in my opinion.


Hey, on edge. Nice to see ya.

@ black licorice. My Trader Joe’s sells one from New Zealand that is good but it’s really mild. The Finns really know how to make strong black licorice, some of it is salted. I like things that are both salty and sweet sometimes. As a kid, everyone would give me their black jelly beans. haha. Nobody in the family steals my candy.


Essentially, yes. My left eye was near useless. I went to the optometrist during the summer before my freshman year and he didn’t see any issues, other than I couldn’t see well. Basically just gave me a glasses prescription that didn’t work… so I didn’t wear them.

Also, my left hamstring was still recovering from the tear. I made it through summer and fall ball before I quit.

Edit: black licorice is my favorite. It’s an art form, when done right.


Meh. If people want to be my friend I’d love that.

I’m also weird so I guess that’s another contributing factor


Candy threadjack continues…

Hey! I’m not alone!!

@ Salted licorice. You probably know this. It’s a lot more popular in the Nordic countries, but now you can order it from Amazon. A lot of Americans dislike because it’s so strong and salted.

Not licorice, but this has long been my favorite candy. Enstrom’s Almond Toffee, made in Colorado. The Mister orders a two pound box for me on our anniversary.



  • 23 y/o
  • Started lifting when I was 17/18
  • Was originally a fat kid who didnt want to be fat anymore
  • Started running to lose weight, ended up becoming a distance runner by accident running 10+ miles everyday by the time I was 19.
  • Joined university powerlifting team @ 19, stopped running completely, did that for about 3 years
  • Started strongman last year, have done 4 competitions since. Good time.
  • In my last year of an engineering degree, gonna go back to school for physical therapy after cause I hate engineering.


About me:

I have an extra Y chromosome (“XYY”). Apparently this makes people very tall. My biological father was very tall and my mother is over 6’. So I am ridiculously tall.

I am Mescalero Apache.

I have zero memories of my biological father, except for the times he has contacted me from prison asking for me to meet him. I met him and he asked for money. I am pleased he will never see the outside of a prison wall.

My real father was (is) a Marine. He convinced me to join the Army, which I was pleased to do. I served many tours in Iraq and Afganistan and some really boring tours in various places in Africa where I was deadly afraid of getting bitten by some random bug and dying. I reeked of Deet at all times.

I spent much of my adult life trying to shape a mesomorphic body, using all sorts of injectible “supplements.” I failed.

I am a world class free climber and rope climber, which is a sport far better suited to my body type. I still lift, but mainly deadlifts, squats, and things like finger grip pullups.

I like horses more than people.

I am happily married to a Jewish woman, also tall, also a rock climber. She’s vaguely famous in those circles. I tried conversion to Judaism because I grew to actively dislike the Roman Catholic Church (and for my wife), but it really basically made me an agnostic follower of God.

I have such a feminine face that gay men always think I am gay and floozy women swoon. Somehow I’ve managed to grow a short beard, which is a feat for an Indian. (Also, I think the phrase “Native American” is stupid.)

And, like so many here, I am left-handed. This was problematic in the Army because I would get nailed in the face with my own bullet casings.