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Who Are You? Yeah, I Really Wanna Know

Just want to get to know what kind of different and interesting personalities we have here. Describe yourself, what you like to do in your free time, what you like to watch or listen to, what your training goals are, who inspires you, so on and so forth.

Not going to say a whole lot about muhself but here are a few things…

  • Have always wanted to take a vacation in Hawaii, on my bucket list
  • Wish my arms weren’t so hairy
  • Enjoy doing all things manly except for hunting because I have a soft spot for animals
  • Drink way too much coffee
  • Curiosity is one of my best and worst character traits
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I’m a member of the '07 club
I’ll be 55 this December, yep, I’m a Saggitarious, so dont get offended if i flirt
been training since i was 13 and my older brother brought home some of those weider cement and plastic weights
got two kids, both over 30. no grandkids yet tho
I drink way too much
I own a jeep (or does it own me?) and like to go wheeling whenever i can get away with it
been to hawaii plenty of times and am going again this December
Like to read, mostly history
@Polo is one of my bestest freinds that i have never met -
I miss SAMA
I’m a Millwright by trade, which means that i am like the superman of the construction trades
I’m a Viking, but i tend to shy away from the pillaging and plundering…pisses people off, ya’know?

hmmm…what else…


I’m SkyzykS McC… From the clan McC… I was born on the shores of the Monongahela river in 1972, and I am completely mortal.

I also have a penchant for anticlimax. And redundancy. With an r.


I’m a pessimistic, cynical yet light hearted individual, people at first glance upon meeting me tend to think I’m strange or sometimes even a bit of a dick (I don’t always know what the right thing to say is), but the few that take the time to get to know me better usually end up liking me. I don’t know how I would describe myself therefore I’m going to go off on how other people describe me. Adults (no, not my parents) typically describe me as very intelligent, I’ve had a few people think I’m a genious (doubtful), very attractive with regards to my facial structure and body shape, sometimes charming, polite etc. I’ve never gotten a consensus on what kids my age think of me, I think I’m viewed as a bit of a smartass, a square because I won’t take psychoactive drugs or get blackout drunk, however I’m not what one would consider nerdy looking, nor do I act like a nerd, I think girls find me attractive as I’ve been asked out quite a few times, and when girls meet me they usually tend to flirt with me, however as autism strikes I’m not great with reciprocating interest. I tend to socially isolate myself as im not very skilled at interacting with my age demographic, this isn’t by choice, I would like friends but I don’t know how to make them, at this age everyone is so entrenched in their friendship groups, I had friends back in America, but with all my health shit (that’s mostly dealt with now) making friends, having fun has been Nearly impossible

What music do I listen to?
Heavy metal (most subgenres)
Hardcore punk
Post hardcore
Hard rock
Classic rock

Interesting facts

  • name a continent, there’s an 85 percent chance I’ve been there
  • name a country, there’s a decent chance I’ve been there
  • first time I lifted weights I was merely six years old
  • started training bodybuilding style when I was 12, but starting going to gym at 7 stopped at age 9 and started again at 11
  • I actually don’t have any role models, I do what my moral compass tells me to, even if it may be occasionally ethically questionable
  • I’m angry with the way things turned out so far, this isn’t exactly what I had in plan health wise or social wise, I don’t think I’ll ever be fully pain free and I don’t believe in fate, I believe my health status was due to dumb luck and unfortunate circumstances, the future may or may not hold great things for me, hell I might drop dead at 19! I can only hope and try my best to make a difference in society before my untimely death

Two truths and a lie:

I have awesome nunchuk and bo staff skills. I tried interview Arnold for the site but never heard back from his people. I was vegan for a while.


No way.

the lie ?



So does Napoleon Dynamite. Do you have a friend named Pedro as well?


No sir. 8+ years of Kenpo Jiujitsu, ended up at brown belt before the dojo closed.

He lacked bow hunting skills, if you recall. A deliberate word trap to throw the scent off the true lie. #EvilGenius

I never contacted Arnold, just his contemporaries Dave Draper and Robby Robinson.

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Well I’d never doubt a mans bo staff skills, especially when he spells it bo instead of bow.


Former Marine who’s now a tubby tub tubs Business Analyst. In my free time I lift (for lord knows what reason), work on my online t-shirt store (manstrations . com), play video games once in a blue moon (spiderman PS4 is friggin sweet. Can’t wait for Fallout76), but most of my free time is spent with my boys.

What do I watch:
Shooter, all the CW super hero shows, all of the marvel movies all the time… I just got my older son into Marvel Secret Wars…

Inspiration: All the typical ones, Arnold & Columbu, Stone Cold & The Rock, and I’m a big fan of the MMA physique and gymnastics physique (real hodge podge). Not so typical, DBZ particularity Vegeta. That character (and those types of characters - Zuko from Avatar is another) just resonate with me.


I was there last year, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been too. Upon returning home, I started to look at apartments and jobs there. Ended up not moving but it’s definitely on of those places I’ll visit frequently.

I’m 28, live in Jersey City. Manage a corporate gym. I workout because I want to stay young forever. Don’t have a wife, or kids but I do have an amazing Maltese.

Coffee is my drug and I hope to never quit it.


remember there can only be one!

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Hawaii is pretty amazing.


I’m a distant relative of John Kasich (it’s pronounced by saying cash and itch together)

I’ve never been a vegan but I’ve been training only calisthenics for the last 4 years after 20+ years of lifting weights.

I pretty much know the entire A.C. Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes canon by heart after rereading it obsessively as a kid. Well, that’s not entirely true - I didn’t memorize the Mormon part of the Study in Scarlet nor Valley of Fear, both having parts that are preposterously set in the US.

I’ve skied and scuba dived on all continents excluding Antarctica.


I want to see the only place in the world where there is a volcano that has lava flowing 24/7.

Ever scuba dive in Belize? I’ve heard it has one of the best coral reefs.

Unfortunately no, but it’s on my list.

Hands down the best diving spots I’ve had the privilege to see were in the Seychelles, namely the southern tip of Mahe island and the waters around La Digue.

Cuba was also great, but diving in Egypt’s Red Sea was pretty disappointing.