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Who are you voting for (Canada)?

Election’s in just a few weeks, and the advance polls are already open now in most areas.

I can’t see myself voting for anyone other than Harper.

Martin’s just the same old gang as Chretien, despite his attempts at running with a “new” look, and Layton scares the hell out of me.

Same, except reverse Harper and Layton. Scariest thing? Use of the notwithstanding clause to let the majority infringe on minority rights. There’s a reason we have a supreme court and a charter of rights, so let’s not try to get around it!!

Im not voting, but if the minimum conditions for me to do so were there (i.e. proportional representation, fixed-term mandates of 4 years, and abolition of theline of party* concept), Id vote for Harper, even though almost no one in Quebec will.

(* Sorry for not having the exact word that sums up the if the leader of the party says yay/nay, everybody has to follow)

He seems like the most well-prepared, intelligent, serious and credible of them all. The lesser of all evils, so to say. ;0)