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Who Are You Hiding From?


I fully understand the use of a screen name but why not include a general location of your whereabouts? I have noticed that a large number of T-People don't identify themselves by anything other than their screen name? A nationality would be a great start....surely the nation in which you are currently hiding wouldn't be giving away too much?


I bet most people don't even know that option is there. Or they don't care.


Prof X... I contain about the same amount of calories he eats for breakfast.


Why would that even be important to most people? If you wanted to know what country someone is from, you could always try...asking?


Congrats on bulking to that point. Good work.


Everyone is interested in different levels of anonymity, especially on the internet. Most people choose forum nicknames that they could be identified with. Once you add a general location to the 'nick' it would make it much easier to pinpoint that person.

I don't feel particularly anonymous on this forum, because the nickname I use is pretty much my given name. Everyone calls me 'sloth', and some people ONLY know me as 'sloth'. Adding my location as BC and using a tat as an avatar, well......... I might as well add my phone number.

However, I read alot on this forum before I registered and started posting
and I feel 'reasonably' safe giving up a certain amount of personal information here.

I doubt I'd ever post personal pics of myself, or my family, but that's just me. My son and I were once at a car show, and a newspaper photographer snapped our pic, and asked for our names. I instinctively said, 'No, I'd prefer you didn't publish it.' My reasoning is that if my young son's picture is in the paper, along with his name, there's always that sliver of a chance that some freak will see it, and approach him, armed with his name. But again, that's just me.

I hope that helps to answer your question.

\|/ 3Toes


OK...I'll start with you...where are you from....I am sure it won't take me more than 3 or 4 years to ask everybody (I'm a slow typist).
I think it is good to know. I am biting the bullet and building a new facility of some 7,000 odd sq/ft and it would be good to ask all the Irish boys and girls if they'd like to come and play...but that's not possible because all the regular T-Nation readers who are Irish do not identify themselves as being Irish.
Besides this it is just nice to know where people are from.


I see your point entirely but the amount of info that 'you' give is more than necessary...I'd be happy with The3toedSloth Canada....I assume that by far the majority of posters here are US citizens...and I know we are all just citizens of the world...it's just that I like to see where in the world the particular viewpoint I'm reading is emanating from.


I am lolfinkle of Toronto, Ontario, Canada... Don't tell anybody though


I'm from Lower Merion, PA. And currently in Michigan. I have no problem with anyone T-Nationers knowing it but don't really see why they'd care. And I don't really care where anyone else is from. Short of finding a training partner if you're in the market for one, I don't really see what the point would be.


Ha, how is knowing peoples names gonna make me bench press 500 and squat a thousand? It isnt, is it?


My name is skyzyks and I live in Pennsylvania. I got my screen name from a comic strip that I used to read as a child delivering the morning paper. With Identity theft becoming easier and easier thats about all anybody is going to get without giving some of their own.
Actualy with pics and posts I've probably divulged just about anything anybody could care to know and then some. Just no bank account or personal address info.



I understand what you're saying, but why not just put out a general "annoucement" thread?


Hey Lower Merion, I'm from Media.


i am from kalamazoo michigan


I think he just did. LOL.

As Madman says, just announce it. I am quite sure the mods and admins at T-Nation would majorly disapprove of you spamming members based on their location or any other criteria. The point being............ you'd be breaking a forum rule, I am sure, by contacting people directly to try to market any product or service. So, knowing where the members are located, wouldn't help you anyhow.

Hence, another reason why members choose to hide, I'd think.

\|/ 3Toes


I am from Manchester, New York. I live in boarding school for gifted youth.


I feel compelled to confirm this information.

Also, these aren't the droids we're looking for.


I'm going to be in Dublin next weekend (first weekend of December 05) listening to some trad. I'm staying at the Morrison. I'll tell you when I see you.


This does bring up a good point about targeting. I and a bunch of others were spammed via p.m. by a guy selling gear. The mods did intervene with a reprimand.

Will, you could just start a thread asking who's from Ireland and initiate communication with that. There have been tons of those throughout the years. Thats how the different regional T-cells start. Then the respondents would be voluntary and receptive to communication.