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Who are We to Judge?


U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Alliesâ?? Abuse of Boys

This makes me sick to my stomach.


Sadly, this is nothing new. I have a lot of friends who have been over there and it's been this way for years. Makes you wonder why we even went over there.


failed Foreign policy
in the long run what good does it do to look the other way
the ones we kill, their friends and family will hate the u.s.
the ones we dont help will hate the u.s. their friends and family will hate u.s.
who wont hate the u.s.


We went over there to oust the Taliban, find Bin Laden, and clean up a terrorist safe haven, not export a culture.

Some places in this world are shitholes, and will continue to be shitholes, until the people who inhabit the area wise up.

The right often criticizes the left for their idealism, but now there is this risky shift happening where the right thinks we should be chasing some unattainable ideal in our foreign policy objectives.

As a side note, this guy is probably now on some Wahhabi hitlist:


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By the way, isn't this stance of yours moral relativism?

You were saying something about abhorrent pagan practices of Native Americans a thread or two ago...


He self identifies as a Christian conservative. They typically don't acknowledge the moral dilemma.


I mean, the US had more troops on the ground in Afghanistan in absolute terms and per capita than the British had when they rooted out suttee in India:

Unforgivable since these monstrosities were occurring in US military bases.


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Darling, I'm not going to let you of the hook so easily.

Don't put words in my mouth - I never condoned monstrosities such as child sacrifice and abuse. I just stated the fact that they we're occurring in Mesoamerica, and the accepted environmental and sociological reasons they probably started occurring. The world was and still is a very horrible place.

What you introduced into the discussion was selective religious righteousness - Native Americans were evil because they raided each other lands, tortured captives etc. and deserved the fate they got. Fair enough.

But now, you've had a substantial military presence in a shitty country where an equally abhorrent practice was happening in US military installations.

We're not talking about saving everyone, or increasing everyone's living standards in fucking Afghanistan. We're talking that with a minimal effort you guys could have maybe not stomped out but significantly reduced molestation of kids instead of looking the other way. Especially since, believe it or not, even the fucking Taliban were executing people for that as probably only that particular monstrosity wasn't in their book.

You completely agreed with a post that said that the US were there for a specific purpose to fight the Taliban and terrorism and should have looked the other way.

Only later you added the cop out that you would have punched the Afghan commander in the face.

So which is it genius? Fight evil and occult practices (child abuse and sacrifice) wherever and whenever you can or look the other way when so-called expediencies on the ground dictate that?

What does your good Book say? I don't remember that it allows you to overlook evil in special circumstances...

Because if you fight abortion in the US and not child molestation in Afghanistan you are a hypocrite and a moral relativist. Nothing worse that selective righteousness.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke

if they want to worship their god,gods their issue
but to subject u.s. soldiers to evil on their bases and not allow them to stop it?
police,soldiers allegedly are instilled with the belief of protecting the weak
the enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine
i think their are limits to this saying


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