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Who Are Using the BLOG Feature?


I have just "discovered" the blog feat T-Nation staff have added :slight_smile:

it's a really nice addon!
and i think i'll turn it to my training log. Anyone using it?


I use it. It holds me "accountable" for the programs I do. If I'm screwing around and not putting in my time like I should, all of T-Nation has the potential to see it. I remember an old saying that went something like, "The first step in achieving a goal is to say it out loud to someone and/or write it down."


I started using it to track how I'm doing because I just started yesterday with the program Alwyn Cosgrove wrote in the book The New Rules of Lifting.

I'm also on the Abs Diet, but I find diet stuff rather boring.


I use it. Keep track of my training stuff, msotly.


I'm using it to post how i'm doing on the Velocity Diet.


I would hope everyone would use them. For training logs, rants, editorials, articles... whatever. It's a much more fitting location to publish personal content than, say, in an Off-Topic thread.

We also provide an RSS feed for each member's blog (simply click the RSS icon next to the "(username)'s Blog" title at the top of the blog page to obtain the feed address). Plus, people on your friends list can comment on them.

Not to mention the Photos section. This is a great place to showcase progress photos. And currently there is no limit to the number you can upload.


Just posted a rant about the NEW huge gym the was built.... gah. I want the old gym back.


I'm starting to write regularly.

My blog will contain nearly nothing about my training (snore).

I write about my life, current events, observations, ideas, theories, etc. It should be fun. All that crazy shit that gets blasted when I post on the forums will now go up on the blog instead.

Use the blog, bros!


Hey Matt,

It might be a good idea to make user blogs accessible through one of the drop down menus. I think people would be more inclined to use them if they got more exposure.



Spewing ideas is clarification for the confused. I keep that to responses on existing forum threads. "My T-Nation" blog follows personal training/diet/progress of bbing. Just a little self-record. Enjoy.


I've been putting my training log up for a couple months. I find it's really helpful to know that there are people checking in occasionally who can see if I'm being lazy or offer advice.



You ARE lazy and you reek like ass.



I started using it, then got busy, but hope to catch up this week (anticipating some slow spots in the work days).

I record training progress, and the occasional thought/rant/observation that occurs to me that is training-related. I use it to "vent" about some of what goes on around me in the gym.

I really appreciate the feature.


Yeah, me too. It's nice to have a place to just ramble about my workout or be specific, whatever. I find writing it down gets it in perspective for me and I can look at it and see where I need to change things.

Thanks, T-Nation! :smiley:


I should really use mine more for sure. But it is a cool feature.

Speaking of which, everyone see the video feature they just added?



I was just thinking to myself that there arent enough teenagers clogging up the internet with their unique perspecitive on life.


I really haven't used any of the awesome new features. I need to get around to it.


OMG, did you hear about Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston getting into a fist fight?! LOL!!!!!111

I wrote all about it in my blog, go check it out!


I like some of the points you raise in your blog oboffill :smiley:

I keep forgetting to update mine


Just found it thanks to this thread. I started one today to write down my goals and hold myself accountable.