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Who are those pros involved in Venic beachSex Cult?


hello all! I have read
that artic at t-mag and ot really shocked me. T-Mag is the greatest of all bbing sites!

Anyone know who those sickos featured in the article are? I really want to know who those bad boys are! I am a fan of bodybuilding and I do want to know what pros to avoid looking at!

reply please!


I'm guessing one of them is Chris "the freak" Cormier. he's deviant


many people believe this article is full of shit.
I believe its true, to a degree. I bet many bodybuilders in venice are bi and don't care what their women do.
I bet Trevor Smith is involved :slight_smile:




I know Chris Cormier is involved, and by the looks of King Kamali's pics of his women on his site, he is possible. Maybe Craig Titus, he's been into some shit, and has been associated with Cormier before. He reportedly asked Melvin Anthony's ex-girlfriend to join him and his wife in sex