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Who Are The Mods?


Did they used to be posters on the site?

Do they work out?

Do they get paid? a lot? full time job?

Do they look like they work out?

Is mod laurie hot?

Do you think they find the shit on here funny?

Do they get free supplements?


They're watching us. Always.

That's why I like to post between 0200 and 0600. Less supervision.




Can't speak for Laurie but this one is..check it out. (Our own Oleska)


Some of the stuff on here you would have to be dead to not find funny. I have literally had tears running down my cheeks before.


There was a thread already titled "what are the mods thinking" some time ago similar to this one. I'll see if I can find it.


Well the one mod likes Meshuggah so that shows good taste in music...they must get a little tired of the whining and bitching though.


-did they change 'T-Nation muscle' to 'loserdouchebag'?

Cuz I find that hilarious


So, they're like extraterrestrials with god complex's?



This is avail pics. on site.


holy moly! (macaroni)


So...an unequivocal yes, Mod Laurie is indeed, very hot.




That pic is not Oleska....its Cassandra Madero...her name is even on the pic.


where's the rockers??


There was an interview with a porn star how said that meeting her fans is a little awkward.

Now I understand why.


hahah I did a facepalm as soon as I saw the first pic.


We are the mods,we are the mods,we are,we are,we are the mods.

Love that movie.


You're right somebody's mixed up.


This one got deleted by accident:
Mod Laurie