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Who are the Best Fighters in GLORY and Bellator Kickboxing?

The only GLORY fights I have watched are the ones where Raymond Daniels got knocked out. I don’t know anything about this new breed and I have never seen Bellator kickboxing. Who are the guys to watch?

These are the guys i’m familiar with:

Peter ‘Dutch Lumberjack’ Aerts

Ernesto ‘Mr Perfect’ Hoost

Rick ‘The Jet’ Roufus

and my personal favourite- Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez

I haven’t seen too many fights from these guys though. What are their best fights?:

Branko ‘The Croatian Tiger’ Cikatic.

Jerome LeBanner

Semmy Schilt

From looking at their records and the few fights i’ve seen, the 4 best kickboxers (in no order) are:

Peter Aerts
Ernesto Hoost
Semmy Schilt
Jerome LeBanner

but I think Branko is the greatest as he knocked out ‘The King of Muay Thai’ Ernesto Hoost TWICE.

Who are the new guys to watch in GLORY and Bellator?

I haven’t watched much kickboxing lately, but Gokhan Saki has always been one of my favourites