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'Whitey' Bulger trial


Has anybody been keeping up-to-date on this trial? I find it particularly interesting. More so than that Zimmerman noise. If you aren't aware of who "Whitey" is, hes the man that Jack Nicholson portrayed in the movie "The Departed". From what I gathered, he has been allowed to go about his mafia business for several decades because he was an FBI Informant. He got away with alot of brutal killings in Boston for awhile. Below is just the latest news about what I read on CNN:

Pretty insane stuff.



I have not been paying attention at all but I should, I remember hearing about him on the news every single day because my Dad would listen to the Howie Carr show everyday in the afternoon. He is a talk show host and the author of the book The brothers Bulger.


See, this is where I cannot follow.

Kidnap a 12 year old?


Kill him?


With a fucking blowtorch?



The evidence is staggering. He might be even more of a monster than John Gotti.


Yeah I mean he was an FBI informant for how many years? They have to have a lot on him.


Maybe she's a 2 Fast 2 Furious fan. Or Hostel. I would assume she's more a Hostel fan, because I don't think anyone is ever really a 2 Fast 2 Furious fan.


Good Lord, Can Whitey be any less conspicuous? Murdering a witness during your trial is either ballsy as hell or just plain stupid. The guy is ruthless.


Maybe he's working with the FBI still.


i now eh? seriously inefficient way to cook someone up. I would have had her pegged as a deep frier kinda gal.



List of 19 victims personally killed by Whitey.


All while he had protection from the FBI. Apparently their lives were not to important to the FBI.


One of the prosecution's witnesses, Stephen Rake turned up dead the other day. In 1984 he was forced at gunpoint to sell his liquor store to Bulger and Flemmi.

I've been following the case for years, amazing shit that he got away with even being quite blatant about what he did.