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Whitey Bulger Arrested


After 15 years, they finally got'em.

For those that don't know, this is the South Boston gangster that Jack Nicholson's character was somewhat based on.

I first read about him in Kevin Weeks' book "Brutal"... the shit this guy did is incredible.



Did Bulger profit from the "use" of his story?


The guy gets caught at 81 yrs old????

What's the point in sending him to jail now? Pay for your crimes old man - the last 3-5 yrs of your life will be spent serving a 90 yr sentence.

I hope he can be reformed?


Sad thing is, he was in a beach front apartment. When I saw beach front, I mean sand outside your front door. For those who don't know, this is Santa Monica, where he was living when arrested. Not too shabby eh? This is a seriously fucking expensive city to live.


Eh he just wants to die in Boston he called his handlers and they took him in. He'll have a cell next to Flemi and they can talk about the old days


I believe the FBI knew where he was all along, and used the psa from a week ago to kinda put him in the forefront of people's minds. That way they can keep this idea of "we always catch out man". It's actually a pretty good marketing scheme the FBI has going.


that is what happens when you don't pay taxes smh


Not sure why he didn't move to Brazil. they have no extradition treaty there. meaning, the united states wouldn't be able to touch him there.


I'm sure getting all your money to a foreign country when you are on the top 10 wanted list is not exactly easy.


How did that work out for Bin Laden, he thought he couldnt be touched either.

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It's not that hard Way.

I asked one of my former roommates "How the hell do you plan on paying back $11 Million in restitution?" His answer (with a smirk), "Max, I have 89 Million reasons to not tell you." :wink:



...too much?


Of course it would be. Roman Polanski did it. Even when he left his country, and the united states had him right where they wanted him, they still couldn't do anything. he was eventually released. There was also this guy many years ago who fled to Brazil, met some young brazilian girl and married her. The usa couldn't touch him. There are many countries with no extradition treaties. just takes some research. when you do illegal things, better to always have a good way out.


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I am truly surprised that he was still in this country. There was no shortage of money, and he has been seen abroad numerous times - I would not have stayed here.

I also would not be surprised if, after locating Bin Laden, the FBI turned its sites on him as the #2 man, and devoted more resources to catching him.

It's also possible that he gave up the fight because of his age, and he's tired of running.

And for the person that said they're catching "an old man" - this dude is a stone cold killer, and he's more dangerous at 81 than you've ever been in your entire life.




He was also rat for the FBI and a backstabbing POS to his best friends whenever things took a turn for the worse. Something tells me being dangerous ain't gonna save him from taking it up the ass for the next 5 or so years he has left of his pathetic life considering all the toes he stepped on until now.