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Whitewater's Scrawny Ass Log

Gym was empty due to Valentines Day.
Flat Bench BB - 12/45, 8/115, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135
Chins - 5/BW, 8/30A, 8/30A, 8/30A, 8/30A
Military Press - 8/65, 8/70, 8/70, 8/70, 6/70
SS1 Hammer Iso Lateral Incline Press - 8/90, 8/90, 8/90, 8/90
SS1 Hammer Iso Lateral Row - 8/110, 8/130, 8/130, 8/130
Upright Row DB 8/35, 7/35, 6/35, 6/35
Tri Extension Standing rope - 8/80, 8/80, 8/80
121g F, 222g C, 180g P, 29g booze (valentines)3 glasses of red wine.

legs in a couple hours, filling up on fuel now

This is for Friday, took Sat and Sun off
Squat, Barbell -10/80, 8/120, 8/120, 8/120, 8/120
Deadlift - 8/105, 8/125, 5/125, 5/125, 5/125, 5/125
Leg Press -8/135, 8/135, 8/135, 8/135
SS - Seated Leg Curl -8/90, 8/90, 8/90, 8/90
SS - Calf Raise -machine -8/135, 8/135, 8/135, 8/135

Up to 164, diet wasn’t great over the weekend but it wasn’t horrible either.
Monday was upper split.
Bench Press Flat - 12/45, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135
Chin/Pull up alternatinig - 6/BW, 5/BW, 8/30A, 7/40A, 7/40A
Military Press - 12/70, 8/75, 5/85, 5/85, 5/85
SS - Iso-Lateral Incline Press (Hammer Strength) - 5/110, 5/110, 5/110, 5/110
SS - Iso-Lateral Rowing (Hammer Strength) - 7/140, 6/140, 6/140, 6/140
DB Shrugs - 8/70, 10/65, 10/65, 10/60, 10/60

Front Squat - 10/45, 8/65, 5/95, 5/95, 5/95, 5/95, 5/95
Deadlift - 8/105, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135
DB Lunges - 8/15, 8/15, 8/15, 8/15
SS Laying leg curl - 8/85, 8/85, 8/85, 8/85
SS Calf Raise machine - 8/115, 10/105, 10/105, 10/105

Squats were difficult again, couldn’t up the weight. I tried to do the lunges with 40lb DB’s left side wasn’t bad but I could not get even 1 on my right side, something didn’t feel right with that side, couldn’t really put my finger on it. I could barely walk when I was done with my lunges and am certian I will be sore as hell tomorrow.
It doesn’t look like much but it was a tough workout, One of the trainers commented that it must have been good because i was drenched on my way out.

I also think I have some type of imbalance between my right and left side in my legs and/or hips. I’ll pay closer attention to it, maybe doing more single leg stuff and do some reading.
96g F/ 221g C/ 262g P

Energy levels were low last night so I skipped my run.
3000 Calories

100F / 265C / 271P

My journal is public over on fitday
just using it for tracking food.

Flat Bench - 18/45, 5/135, 8/115, 5/135, 4/135, 5/135 (felt weak)
Pull Up - Chin Up alternating - 6/164, 5/164, 3/164, 3/164, 3/164
Bent Row DB - 10/40, 10/40, 8/40, 8/40
DB Decline press 8/25, 5/40, 4/40, 10/35, 10/35
DB Shrug - 8/70, 8/65, 8/65, 8/65

The decline was difficult because my shoulders were wasted, pressing the weight was not difficult in my chest but controlling the weight was hard on my shoulders. There was one guy in the gym using the flat bench, decline BB bench and 3 hammer chest machines all at the same time. WAFJ

Legs yesterday 2/24
Squat (Freemotion machine rack was busy) - 10/80, 6/120, 6/120, 6/120, 6/120, 5/140
Deadlift - 6/95, 5/135, 5/135, 5/145, 5/145
DB Lunge 10, 8/50, 8/50, 8/50
Seated leg curl - 10/90, 8/100, 8/100, 8/100
Standing calf raise, machine - 8/135, 8/135, 8/135, 8/135

Right leg is so much weaker on the lunges and I really have to focus on getting the muscles to work. The right side of my outer calf/shin is a little sore today, not really painful but noticable and not in the worked muscle type pain although I have those as well. I’m starting to wonder if a previous injury/aggrvation to my Sacro-Iliac joint might have caused this weakness or some type of delayed nerve response. This is only a guess. Still plan on doing more single leg stuff to try bring that side up a bit.

Incline Bench - 45/20
DB Flat Bench - 10/40, 8/45, 8/45, 8/45, 6/45 (all BB benches were taken up, tried waiting it out but no go)
Pull up/Chin alternating 30lb assistance - 7, 7, 7, 7, 7 (chin/dip stations all were full)
Military Press -10/65, 8/70, 8/70, 8/70, 6/70
SS1 - Iso Lateral Incline Press - 8/110, 8/110, 6/120, 5/120, 4/120
SS1 - Iso Lateral Row - 8/140, 8/140, 8/150, 7/150, 7/150
DB Upright row - 2/40, 6/35, 6/35, 8/30, 8/30
DB Shrug - 8/65, 8/65, 8/70

Gym was packed tonight, tried waiting out the benches and the pull up stations but in the sake of time I just moved on

Squat - 10/45, 8/65, 5/95
Front Squat - 5/115, 5/115, 5/115 - Front squats feel easier than the traditional.
Deadlifts - 8/95, 5/115, 5/135, 5/155, 5/155
DB Lunge - 8/30, 5/50, 5/50, 8/40, 8/40 Right side is still lame, that’s the reason for the decreasing weight. Something just doesn’t work quite right.
SS Lying leg curl - 8/95, 8/95, 8/95, 8/95
SS Calf Raise machine - 10/135, 10/135, 8/135, 8/135
Dips - 10/BW, 10/BW

Good job for staying with it, most people give up shortly after starting.

If people are watching you they probably aren’t snikering about what your lifting, probably just in your head.

If front squats are easier then back squats it’s probably because of form and weak lower back. Good mornings and deadlifts will help significantly. Post a video of your squat in a different thread to get help with form.

I’ll have to round up a video camera, with a baby on the way it might be time to buy one. I’ve been going enough now that I think I’m almost accepted as a regular, seems like a lot of the same faces always in the free weight area, still not a lot of people doing squats when I’m there so I can’t really find someone that looks like they know what they are doing and ask them. I’m nearly cerain my right leg is what is holding me back. It seems to have some weird quirks.
When doing the lunges it just doesn’t want to work, it doesn’t really seem like a specific part of the leg more like a lack of coordination from my foot all the way up my leg into my hip/glutes and even into my back. It doesn’t hurt just doesn’t seem to work nearly as well as the left side.

Even doing the leg curls it’s difficult to keep my toes pointed up as the ankle wants to turn outward and down during the concetric phase.

It’s not something I’m overly worried about, it’s just seems to be more of another hindrance to overcome, the lunges really force me to concentrate specifically on that side so maybe that will help. The funny thing is that when playing softball or hiking/bouldering my right side seems to be the more coordinated and agile leg.
go figure…

This is from last Friday
Flat Bench - 20/45, 8/115, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135, 5/135, 4/135
Pull up/Chin - 6,5,6,5,4,4
Military Press -10/65, 8/70, 8/75, 5/85, 5/85, 5/85
Bent over BB Row - 8/70, 5/75, 5/95, 5/115, 5/115, 5/115
Flat Bench DB - 8/40, 8/45, 8/45, 8/45
BB Upright row - 8/65, 8/70, 8/70
DB Shrug - 8/70, 8/70, 8/65, 8/65

I haven’t been in the weight room since last Friday. There are a variety of reasons for this. Soreness from other activiites, lack of time due to variety of reasons etc… I am out until Saturday so I’m just considering it a week off. I hate to do it but it’s gotta be done. I will step up the intensity Sat morning.

Saturday morning kicked my ass, was expecting more after a week off but was dissapointed.

Squat - 10/45, 8/65, 5/95, 5/95 switched to front because I could barely get the last rep up.
Front Squat - 5/95, 5/95 - Pathetic but I just could not put anymore weight on the bar, my hips were pushing out and I was near failur on the last rep. Frustrating…
Deadlift - 10/95, 5/135, 5/135, 5/155, 5/155
Leg Press - 10/90, 5/160, 8/140, 8/140

Tried to do a Glute Ham raise at this point and it nearly killed me, my upper calves at my knee felt like rubber bands snapping, my hamstrings were on fire and my glutes never engaged that I could notice. It was painful, didn’t get even halfway up.
SS1 - Laying Leg curl - 10/90, 8/90, 8/90, 8/90 (hard as hell after the failed GHR)
SS1 - Machine calf raise - 10/115, 10/115, 8/115, 8/115 (these were slow reps with a second pause at the very bottom.
Some dips

My hamstrings are still sore today, not sure what to do about the squats… I can’t seem to make any real gains, guess I’ll just keep trying and alternate the lunges and leg press every other leg day.

I found some old logs I kept from probably 5 years ago. Posting them here just for shits and giggles.

Flat Bench - 2 warmup sets 3 work sets (some weeks were 8 to 12 reps and some were 5 or 6)
Incline Bench/ Decline Bench - alternate weeks - 3 work
Flat or Incline Fly - 3 work
it looks like I was doing triceps on the same day for a couple weeks then moved it to Wednesday

Squats - 1 warmup 3 work, it appears I was stuck at 95lbs for several months then too but at 8 - 10 reps
Leg Extension - 3 sets, this swapped around with Romanian deadlifts at times.
Leg Curls - 3 sets, sometimes Good Mornings
Calve raises - 4 sets 10 - 12 reps
SLDL on and off, no real rhyme or reason

No real pattern, just a mixture of press downs, DB Skull crushers, dips and close grip bench

Military Press seated/standing alternate 1 warmup 3 work @ 12/8/6 rep
Lateral Raise - 3 work 10-12 reps
Upright Row - 3 sets 8 - 12 reps
BB Shrugs - 3@ 8-12 reps

Deadlift 1 warmup 3 work 8-12 reps
Pullups - 7 -5 - 5 is where I ended.
Lat Pulldown - 3 or 4 work sets 8 - 12 reps
Bent Row - 3 work 8-12
EZ Bar curl or DB curl - 3 sets around 8 reps
Preacher curl - 3 sets 8 - 10 reps

A lot of the weights look the same as what I’m doing now but I was doing more reps less sets then. None of the weights are what I’d like them to be, there are notes of sore lower back and it looks like I started doing deads and SLDLs less around that time.
I’d like to move to a split similar to this (obviously with changes)at some point, maybe around June.
These were all done at my house on a simple Marcy bench with a couple hundred lbs of weight and an old soloflex machine for the pullups, dips and calf raises. I would put the plates on the bar, didn’t have any rubber bands for the thing.

From last night… Gym wasn’t bad, some guys doing heavy DB presses got talked to by one of the trainers for dropping their weights, I saw one of the trainers jump out of surprise while working with a client and I think that set her off.

Bench Press Flat - 15/45, 8/115, 5/135, 5/135, 4/145, 5/135
Pull Up - 7/162, 4/162
Chin Up - 5/162
Palms facing each other pull up - 5/162
Military Press - 10/65, 5/85, 5/85, 5/85, 5/85
SS - Iso-Lateral Wide Chest (Hammer Strength) - 8/140, 8/140, 8/110, 8/110, 8/110
SS - Iso-Lateral Rowing (Hammer Strength) - 10/140, 8/140, 8/140, 8/140
Lat Pulldown Wide Grip - 10/90

Whitewater congratulations you are working hard, I bet it has already showed a little. You might not see the change, but I am sure you can feel the change.

I did feel the change. But here is how a guy get’s off track.
One day work tells me I need to go out of the country for a couple weeks. No problem, hotel will have a gym and if not I’ll just work cardio by running and give my muscles a break.
Hotel has gym consisting of some funky hydraulic deal and a couple treadmills. I use the treadmills in the morning and run, should have done laps in the pool but whatever… Get home… no harm no foul just gotta get back into my routine. Well 4 days or so later (about the time the the jetlag goes away) this little bug in my gut which I have since named “Calev” decides he’s unhappy and I spend the next two fawkin weeks sitting on a toilet and crapping out the 8lbs of muscle I’ve gained over the last few months.

I tried keeping protein in me by drinking shakes but it wouldnt’t work. After about a week I managed to keep liquids down but I was marginally dehydrated and could only really eat bananas and white bread.
Anyways after several trips to the doc and the lab I’ve finally come to terms with “Calev” and am actually starting to rebuild an appetite and be able to use the food I’m eating.

Tonight will be my first night back to the gym in about a month.

Just judging by how I look I’d say most of the weight came off of my legs and my shoulders. I really didn’t have any extra weight to lose in these areas but that is where my body typically takes it from first.

The only good thing to come out of this is I lost fat as well and it should be pretty easy to get a nice hard look going just as the warmer weather is approaching. Another positive is I was doing some pull ups on a tree limb the other day and I was able to bust off about 10 with no problem, form was probably crap but that is still better than before. I am curious to see how my numbers change tonight.

It is going to be difficult to maintain a good schedule as I’ve got a kid on the way next month and I’m sure my sleep and time will suffer. I will just have to squeeze workouts in during lunchtime I figure.