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Whitewater Kayaking

My stupid pneumonia’s finally gone, and about time. I was worried about lost time, but the water level is still up in the rivers from spring melt, and we actually have a bit of whitewater. Spring runoff is the only time that we get that here, so it’s time to pull out the kayaks and go play!!

Admittedly I do it with way more enthusiasm than skill, but it’s still the greatest adrenaline rush. Is there anyone else around here who likes to run the rivers? Any other northerners have any special spots they’re willing to share?

I kayak as well, also with much more enthusiasm that skill. A lot of the guys I go with take video and I’ve provided some memorable video clips for those bastards.

I live in CA and typically Kayak on the American or sections of the Cosumnes when possible.

Kayaking is a blast!