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whites only allowed?

ALBANY, Ga. - A year after holding their first integrated prom, some students at Taylor County High School have decided to again hold a separate, private party for whites only.

While many whites say they still plan to attend next week’s integrated prom, the decision to hold the whites-only prom this Friday saddened senior Gerica McCrary, who helped organize last year’s dance.

“I cried,” said McCrary, who is black. “The black juniors said, ‘Our prom is open to everyone. If you want to come, come.’”

Until then, parents and students organized separate proms for whites and blacks after school officials stopped sponsoring dances, in part because they wanted to avoid problems arising from interracial dating.

This year, a small number of white juniors decided they wanted a separate prom-Bububububup let’s stop it RIGHT HERE.

  White juniors decided to host an all white prom? Where in the fuck is the principal? The parents? Who the fuck is a goddamn highschool kid to simply ignore the hard work that has been put forth to stop segregation over the last century?

  These kids are in highschool to learn values, not just pass exams. Where are their teachers and parents who should be teaching them these values and disciplining them when necessary? 

  Shouldnt the parents and teachers give them a flat 'no, you will not hold an all whites-party, because you are not a white-supremacist group.'?
  Respect, among other values is learned - its never inherent. Obviously some have a harder time understanding this concept, and need to be taught in a slightly harsher way until they get the concept. To me, hosting an all-white prom, DECIDING with no questions asked 'we will hold an all white prom because we dont want blacks among us', is the utmost display of disrespect. There is nothing cool about segregation. Cultural diversity is what makes our nation so rich and strong - and that is something these kids shouldve been taught long ago.

  Are these the same people who will one day hold leadership positions? 
  I mean, would you want one of these kids, who has no strong sense of values, to be the mayor of your town, a senator, or the president of the united states? A police officer in your town? A


This isnt the real story. I dated a girl last year that was from Taylor County. She said that they have had a segregated prom for ever. The only reason it was held together last year was because they didnt have enough money to have two separate proms so they pooled their money just so they could have a prom. The majority of both blacks and whites in that town want to have separate proms. Not just the whites. That article is wrong.

It is sad either way, whether it was a white only decision or an interacial decision. One thing though, where do the Asians and Hispanics go??

“Cultural diversity is what makes our nation so rich and strong”

I agree 100%.

If kids want to have “their own prom” and exclude whites, blacks, martians, the school should not be enabling that in any way.

Really sad…

  You know Lumpy, Im trying really hard to understand your positions here.

  Care to be clear? Either you agree or you disagree. 

  When I agree with something I dont run off and make a sadistic comment about martians. I know for a fact you are not a Roosevelt geek, Cause god forbid, we're T-men.

  So - whats your position? 

yeah… big biiiiiiiig problems erupt from interracial dating…

… like me


Why is this a big deal? If whites and blacks want to have their own separate proms then let them. As long as the teachers or prinicple aren’t organizing it I don’t see the problem.

I don't undertand why people let shit like this offend or upset them. As I understand it, there are still many places in the south where whites and blacks hate each other.

Dustin (who can think of about 100 things more important to be worried about)

One one hand it is amazing that this type of thing STILL goes on …this “whites only” or “blacks only” thinking.
One the other hand; its not really surprising.
See, ONE factor I believe that holds us back from moving beyond this type of thing is the politically correct “name game” that alot of Americans have gotten into. Blacks refer to themselves as “Afican Americans”…not just Americans…spanish people refer to themselves as “Latino/American”. Asians call themselves “Asian/American” and so on and so on. Funny thing is…I am white…but I don’t call myself Eurpean/American; considering that I am a citizen of this country.
I think that if people would drop these dumb ass sir names…we would be quicker to see that we are all AMERICANS!!! and quite possibly quit making these silly, irrelevant classifications. American citizens all live in this country…all pay taxes…and have the right to vote.
Remember…the more we feel we are alike in some ways…the better we will get along.

Hmm. I went to a school that was 98% black. School events generally weren’t that fun for me, because I’m not black and am not that interested in rap, step teams, etc. So that’s a cultural, rather than a racial difference. I can understand having separate events that allow people who enjoy different cultural standards to interact (so the people who enjoy rock go to one place, those who enjoy rap another).

Of course, our usual response is ‘split it down the middle.’ make everyone just a little miserable.

I really shouldn’t post this late at night.

Im a half turkish, half english guy who is marrying a japanese girl.

When I have kids I want them to have their OWN prom!!!

Whoever said that it is a cultural difference and not a racial difference is absolutely correct. My high school was at least 50% black, and I had tons of black friends. I listened to rap, but also rock. I didn’t care for step team, but it existed to satisfy those who did care for it. Besides, African American traditionally means sub-saharan african descent. I know an Egyptian girl who claimed African-American so she could get more scholarship money from college. I thought this was great. She had african descent, so why not?

Now I go to a college that’s less than 10% minority. I miss some aspects of high school, such as natural diversity, instead of crammed-down-your-throat diversity. I’m half-hispanic, half-irish, so I get all the minority stuff. I agree that people of color and minorities should have their own place to visit each other and hang, but at my school, it’s seems to be borderline segregation. Every single black person knows every other black person, because they only hang out with each other. This I disagree with. Get out, learn about a different culture as it will only help you and your cultural diversity.

Now that we have a war in Iraq and post 9/11, I want to learn about Islam and the muslim culture. It’s sad that it takes major events of this nature to make me want to learn about them.

Part of being in American is the right to associate with who you want to. If the majority of blacks and the majority of whites want to be separate then we have to respect their wishes. Of course i think its crazy but i can understand why they would want to. “Most” blacks and “Most” whites like different things. If i were to go to a prom now and had to listen to mostly rap and other shit like that I would not want to be there. And how many of you that disagree with this go to a church that is all white or all black. I think that most of us answer yes to that question. Segregation is a part of life. People associate with people that are like them. Most whites and blacks act differently so doesnt it make sense that they not want to hang out with each other?

Whoah, racism in the southern (US) states? Call the press!!

Who gives a shit if some bigoted little redneck motherfuckers hold their own segregated prom?

“Whoah, racism in the southern (US) states?”

Whoa, stereotyping an entire group because you’re too lazy and/or ignorant to learn the truth?

The statement you just made is no better than a racist making an ignorant comment.

 Alright I guess you're right.

 Here, take the goddamn bike.

 Us New England Bastards live by different rules I guess. 

Hm glad I did not go to that school. I am not black, but hapahaole. So my white half could go to the white prom, while the Asian side stays home. I wonder how they would pull of the prom for different races in Hawaii. Would have to have at least over 20 different ones.