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White vs. Brown Rice?

Hey guys, I understand that it will have no effect on body composition. However, as far as health goes what is the answer here and why? Also, sweet potatoes and white potatoes. What are the differences for health?

If it affects health, it affects body composition. Body composition is simply what your body is composed of, right? So if one makes you healthier, it means your body composition is better.

Beyond this, you’re asking for us to summarize research for you. You’re better off googling or searching on pubmed and reading the original studies. Different people are going to have different opinions on the subject, so asking about it on a forum like this is not particularly useful.

That being said, my opinion is that for anyone new to lifting, it’s really not going to matter, especially if other things in your diet are processed.

DOHCrazy says that it’s basically pretty inconsequential as to which you have, I think. I’m probably butchering that, though.

That being said, I only eat brown rice. I think it tastes better, therein lies the basis for my decision primarily. Besides the “complex carbs” thing, but w/e.

More colour or pigment probably means more nutrients but I actually enjoy White Rice whereas I totally loathe Brown. The difference in nutrients is probably only going to be of concern if you happen to live in a part of the world where you are forced to subsist on a diet primarily based off rice.