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White Trash Top for Women

The new look for summer 2009 is white trash. Perfect for moments of looking redneck or white trash at your next outing or public function or just working out or running. Show up those chicks with those perfect dresses. Just put this on (skid side out). And make all the Men notice you!
3 pack for 6$ is a pretty good deal Ladies!

Holy fucking shit, someone actually wore that outside?

WOW…some people have no sense of fashion.

oh my yuck

I noticed. I’ll slowly walk away.

If this person is from Mississippi, I will try very hard NOT to catch the ippississiM. Yes, it’s a disease. Remember that.

At least she cut the skidmark out…

I think I’m going to wear an old bra as a jock in retaliation.

Rednecks would never wear that shit.


I think they should wear white ver’s of it and splash water on those puppies …I think men would love women wearing them then.