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White Teens Murder Black Man in MS



I dont think there is right or wrong here. Didnt see the whole video, but who knows? Maybe some black guy murdered or raped a family member of one of the guys, or they got mugged by black guys. Sounds racist, and it is. All black guys are not criminals, but "an eye for an eye" is a principal I beliebe in.On the other hand, they might did it for fun. In that case, they are just psycopaths who have no use in this society.


Da fuck...



After watching the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs footage I'm no longer shocked by the extremes we animals will go to to kill for sport, but I am disgusted by the leniency and coddling our society promotes these days. Rioters, assault rifle wielding 'kids', truckloads of white guys hunting down solitary targets? Fucking hang them all. They don't deserve any fucking right to live in our society.

To Nik above...did you seriously just state that you believe if one of their family members was raped or mugged or murdered that they would've been justified in their attack on a random black guy?


not justified exactly, but then again not wrong either. as i said, there is no right or wrong. They were in some way hurt from a black guy, so they thought taking revenge from a random black guy. they knew the probable consequences.


way to go, insult me...dont post your opinion or something to discuss, insult me, shows so much about your education...


You do realise that this is actually entirely wrong? Attacking a random stranger because of something someone else has done is never right, regardless of wether you believe in 'an eye for an eye'. There is no grey area there.


I beliebe there is, since I am a racist. From my point of view, he did not attack a stanger, but a part from a group of people which hurt him.


Ah. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd conversation over.


That is fucked.up.


How does that even make sense?

So you are a racist and that means that if someone mugged or raped anyone you knew you go out and get someone of the same skin color?

How do you get from a to b?

Please elaborate.


What's weird is there's a thread on T-Nation about an armed attack on a bus (by black people) and it's a civil thread in that posters are just angry about the mindless violence but there are no racist comments. There's even another video linked about another act of random violence and no body said anything racist. That's why I love T Nation. We may be meatheaded simpletoms and traditional in our morality in many ways but we are decent.

Then we get to a thread about a black man being killed and some fool has to say racist stuff. ugh.


Eye for an eye means "you harm me, I'll pay you back (or my brother/family/friends will" - pay not meaning disproportionate retribution - eye for an eye, not death for an eye.
Eye for an eye is a-ok. It's justice at it's finest.

...let's say a greek (not you) kills a chinese. Would you consider it justice if a bunch of chinese hacked you to pieces or killed your family, even though you had no relationship to the murderer?


I'm suspicious this entire thread is a troll job. All it needs is for Professor X to chime in and we will have a fully fledged shitstorm.


One single user though.

I don't want to watch the video though, too sensitive to this kind of things.


life, is not fair, as i am sure you know. the stronger survives. if they kill me good for them, then they will face the law. This is the reason we have laws. This is my last post on this thread, I dont have to make anyone like my opinion. My opinion is what it is. Racism is natural. Suck it up.


Must you stay, can't you go?


WTF? So there are parts of racism you prefer to take part in? Where are these douche nozzles coming from?


Nic Samaras sounds like a lousy no-good lad humping Greek name. Bloody pillow biters all!


Maybe I should not cringe when blacks punch some white innocent man around... maybe I should not cringe any more... sigh