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White Supremacy

Is this really as massive an issue as the left / Dems claim ? I think a supremacist of any ethnicity is a dope but it seems the white types get all the press.

Here in St Louis where 95 % of our murder victims and suspects are BM we have loons claiming its a white supremacy issue. I can’t figure out how.


this should be good


You mean a rehash of the exact same things people are arguing about and discussing in multiple active topics in the last few weeks on here?

Quick let me start a what are your feelings on police and race thread. We haven’t made one of those in the last day.

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I know that Bosnian Muslims discovered they’re “white and privileged” after moving to St. Louis and becoming victims of crime.

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When you reference white supremacy, do you mean extremists who hate non-white people, institutional white supremacy, or both?

Your first example as that certainly exists. Institutional white supremacy seems far too subjective and unquantifiable. In my estimation, at least.

Yes they did… Remember the hammer attack ?

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Guess I haven’t seen them others. No need to whine buddeh.

We’ll see. I personally know no white supremacists. But apparently they’re behind every blade of grass.


Do you know any white separatists?

Then no, I don’t think that white nationalism is very prevalent in terms of percentage of overall population. I don’t know any white supremacists either. However, I also don’t think that white nationalism is what’s being referenced in the instances that you’re describing. My personal read is that the “white supremacy” referenced in your case could probably be redefined as classism that falls closely along racial lines. Setting aside whether or not you accept that, I don’t think too many folks believe that the KKK or neo-Nazis are responsible for the issues we’re grappling with today.

I think it exists and it will always exists but I don’t believe it is at the heart of every (or even a large proportion) of white or other people. It’s not wide spread and in your face like it was when I was growing up. The stories I could tell…

I think the politics of this is terrible at the minute and the approach really baffles me. We know going down the class warfare route dooms everyone, it pits us against each other and causes division. Yet this feels a lot like class warfare drawn along racial lines.

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BTW, if your party was basically set up to stop the expansion of slavery and you find yourself on the wrong side of this debate and labelled the racists then you only have yourself to blame. (Not you personally @marine77, the collective, hypothetical guy, you :laughing: )

I get accused of being a Klansman because im a white police officer. I shit you not.

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No I don’t. Don’t care to.

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I think that’s what a lot of people want though. When poor people think other poor people are the reason for all the problems they aren’t going to get mad at a system that disproportionately rewards the wealthy and connected. And whose rules are written by those people to continue making sure that always happens.

The people in charge are making sure the poor and middle class are mad at each other. That way they don’t ever wise up and study those making the real money.


I believe you. I’d also venture that you’re much more on the receiving end of the controversial opinions than the rest of us simply because of your status as a police officer. I just don’t think it constitutes a popular opinion and I don’t think it’s synonymous with the white supremacy that gets tagged in many of the current conversations, which falls more closely to apathy than hatred.

I don’t know if I know any white supremacists or not. Depends on if believing white people have created the best and most successful societies in history as being a white supremacist because I know a lot of people who believe that.

I suppose its all a matter of opinion really. Doesn’t seem to lend itself to any notion of supremacy. Like saying one kind of pizza is superior to another. Not quite that simple but…

I’m starting to really agree on this. Ultimately it’s up to people to stop being so easily and seemingly willfully manipulated. Such self defeating behavior. Funny enough… All of us have way more in common than not. I like good natured roasting and shit stirring but ultimately I think most on here are good people. Differences aside.