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White Supremacy: "A Hoax"?

As college faculty member, here’s an easy one:

you brought up the historical perspective … “Thousands of years of human history will you all you need to know” are you words … and, to me, they’re vague. Which is why I asked in what context - seeking clarification, really.

Your answer was equally vague, to me. To be honest, it kind of muddies your “history” reference a bit, for me. I’m not sure if you were saying thousands of years of human history in the context of WS? In which case, I’m not aware of WS being a 1000 year old ideology. But, again, that’s not how I originally read your comment…

I looked at the group referenced in the article, AIM. Nowhere on their website did I see any policy positions that resemble the KKK or anything we’ve historically considered white supremacist. No laws being pushed to make blacks second class citizens or target them in any way. No laws granting special privileges to whites either.

They make it clear they are opposed to mass immigration. Is that now white supremacist and not merely anti mass immigration?

I live in a town with a huge percentage of state dependent immigrants. Different language, different religion and different values. I don’t think my city should take any more in. I realize this reasonable position is considered deeply racist by some, but it isn’t. Our capacity to support all of these people is limited and I think we’ve done enough.

If beliefs like this are now considered white supremacist then I can see why some people believe it is increasingly common.

Are we talking about admitted white supremacists like neonazis or the KKK? Or is it white supremacy behind things like nationalism?

I think other posters have asked something similar. Is this an overt movement or something beneath the surface?

If the President of the United States was a Scientific White Supremacist who believed that Africans were sub-human primates and the Vice President was cool selling drugs to African Americans, that could be a real problem and cause many, many long lasting problematic issues in the Unites States.

That kind of deeply ingrained, evolutionary White Supremacist attitude at the highest levels of Government in much scarier than some dumb rednecks in hoods someplace.

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I’ll give is a try, @zecarlo…(again…this is an eye-opening thread…)

  1. “White Supremacy” is an etiology that exposes the superiority of the White Race over others. This can be either “overt” OR “underneath the surface”. It can also be expressed by marching openly in the street and/or lynching individuals (seen much less in the U.S. than in the past, thank goodness)…or as expressed in a World-Wide Network of interlinking individuals with similar beliefs and etiology; often inspiring what has been called “Lone Wolves”; and in some cases; groups of individuals to act.

  2. “Nationalism” is also a very general term that most certainly has the Supremacy of a particular group often interwoven into the etiology. “White Supremacy” is just one of those etiologies.

As it relates to Trump.

All supporters of Trump are NOT “White Supremacist” by any means. However; AS ADMITTED MY MANY WHITE SUPREMACIST THEMSELVES…Trumps’s rhetoric has emboldened many to step out of the shadows…and in some cases, to act.

Real white supremacy isn’t even a blip on the radar. What social media buzzes with is a hoax. Look at Milo. He is a gay jew, married to a black man. They crucified him for reporting facts that triggered people. You don’t have to agree with Milo, but his facts were just that, facts. Right now we live in a time where the truth does not matter. What matters is the reality people feel they are entitled to. Milo was labeled a white supremacist by the media. Wrap your head around that one.

Years ago I predicted this to come. I said that sooner or later these radicals would have to claim their nuttiness, i.e. they actually say that when minority groups say something racist it’s not racist because of privilege. I mean look at Antifa. They are textbook fascists yet they call everyone else Nazi and fascist. It’s lunacy. These people are getting free speech stopped, books banned, encourage reporting on your neighbor, etc. That is textbook fascism. These are the same voices that have drawn up the white supremacy narrative. I can think of only a few people I’ve ever met in my life that were true white supremacists, and I hated them. It’s a full on myth.


This. Pretty much anyone right of Bernie is considered a durrrrrr “white supremacist.” Any supremacists of any ilk is a cunt.

Reminds me of the implicit bias nonsense. I only care about one’s actions not what they MIGHT be thinking.



My apologies to Carlson, I guess…

And who was it that said:

“…Antifa…God’s gift to the Right…”

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stopped by whom?

which books? where?

reporting to whom? Any specific behavior one would be encouraged to report?

What exactly is a myth? The common-ness of WS or that it exists? I think it’d be safe to say you don’t run in those circles; you wouldn’t exactly have an accurate estimate given your very limited exposure to that world, no?

What sort of actions? Only one clear example was given.

If we’re talking about anti mass immigration flyers being handed out in public or on campus, well, that’s covered under the First Amendment. It’s fine to be concerned about it, but I have a hard time supporting anyone who wants to “fight” it with anything besides words and ideas of their own.

what were you hoping to get out of this thread?

Why? You don’t like what he said - I didn’t check your source, but I trust you enough to assume you’re reporting it fair. I don’t necessarily think it’s a hoax, I just don’t know how much it impacts society. Is it a boogeyman, a legitimate threat, somewhere in between? Do we shine lights on them and provide that aforementioned Streisand effect, or let it die a slow death through relegating it to the shadows?

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for when all we really have to go on, so far, is a Tucker Carlson clip and some hear-say…

and it’s been said a few times that “supremacy” of any ilk is repugnant. Not sure what else you want aside from the discussion you said you wanted, but now that you have it you’re ready to throw in the towel? Odd from you…

Bees kill 2x more people in the US each year than murders designated as RW, which l guess can somewhat equate to WS.

Acts of violence to discrimination to superior thoughts - who knows? Probably a whole lot less than the 60s and 70s. Certainly less than first half of the century and before.

Chicago has as many shootings and killings as Dayton (disregarding ideology) every week for decades.

It’s on video, all over the internet. What I put up was a partial transcript.

What I hoped from this thread? What I always hope for…either discussion and/or learning…certainly not agreement. “Circle Jerks” are not my thing…

I should have been more clear…

Carlson is a smart guy. It is doubtful that what he spits out is spontaneous. The ignorance on my part is that the man (much like Hannity and any other partisan hack, Left OR right) knows their audience…and I guess I didn’t.

What he said obviously fell onto welcome ears.

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(There goes the “either/or”/“What-about-ism” I mentioned…)

BOTH are tragedies…

What’s even worse, we are becoming numb to both…

White supremacy probably exists at one tenth the rate MSM Libs would have you believe, and at 10x the rate MSM GOP would have you believe.

I take solace that the people whom comprise the WS movement are almost exclusively the type of pussies to let their most closely held beliefs die with them. Such is the evolution of society (insert hate for X here)

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Everybody knows bees are white nationalists. Other than their communist society, they are as right leaning as it gets.

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Interesting thought, @pfury…!

The different perspectives people can have can often skew reality.

Yep, to one side, it isn’t anything at all, to the other side it is all of trumps voters. Somewhere in between I believe is where the truth is.

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Well the left would have you believe that KKK members are running DC, and the right would have you believe racism is dead with no coming back. Luckily both sides are retarded and the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I see enough back home to validate WS still existing, just not enough to really care about it. The movements within society have left these people PETRIFIED to share their views, as they know society shuts you out for shit like that these days. Cowards don’t pass along viewpoints that stick

I put the left screaming about WS akin to the right screaming about Antifa. It almost exclusively reveals the guy in the room who has never left his keyboard.