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White Supremacy: "A Hoax"?

Lived in Stl for 10 years. Liberal cesspool full of self hating white scum.

And you did it while being a commie union member. Your entire life you’ve collected a check from the government.

And commies like you.

Wait, you’re not on the St. Louis City police?

Ok, don’t tell me you don’t do MMA anymore either.

I would be so disillusioned.

Once again you illiterate dildo… We weren’t unionized. We had an association.

Association. Like a group of radical Marxists making plans.

Left after ten years. Live on Lake of the Ozarks now. We have a lot of rental properties and own a few docks. Lots of upkeep.

Thank God for the illegals you have working there.

Working on our rental properties…? I do that. Nice try. You’re looking desperate, dude. Been fun roasting your dumb ass.

Anyway. Gotta run. Early evening bass fishing with a Whopper Plopped is a blast.

Keep cashing those government checks.

This thread needs you 'bro.

Zzz… My taxes are more than your annual income. Stay in your lane, dweeb. Buzz off you annoying douche

With a master’s in political science, I stay the hell out of political debate. Better for my own sanity.

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You live in a trailer park in the Ozarks, you don’t pay taxes.

How I feel reading this thread now:


Then what difference does it make if it happens by us (white people) or to us?

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So white people should simply let themselves be systematically eradicated from the US from a 98% majority in 1900 to an ever decreasing minority throughout the 21st Century?

Any opposition to this is “racism” which is of course the most evil sin of all, so better to be completely replaced than be cast as a “racist.”

The greatest civilisation in human history built over hundreds of years of toil, blood and inspiration should just lie down and die.

I find this outlook bizarre. It is not as if America has some kind of magic soil that makes the demographics of the population irrelevant. The people built the nation, as with all nations. How is moving tens of millions of people from low IQ failed states going to work out well? Nevermind the huge amount of other inevitable problems involved in such an undertaking.

If these immigrants were of such value, why are their countries such failures? If they are of such value, wouldn’t it benefit everyone if they stayed where they were rather than all try to move into America and other white nations?

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It’s the key concept in the philosophy on social evolution that you put forth, and you find it bizarre?

Well I find that bizarre.

You might want to look up that big word you tried swinging up thread.



You left out soil.

And why do you call it white civilization? All white people get credit for it? It is more like greco-roman civilization. Northern European whites almost destroyed it before they learned manners and were trained to use toilets.

Alabama just can’t get a break.